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McGregor General Store
March 2015 Monthly Newsletter

Thank you to all that attended the Cattle Mineral Meeting last month. We had just over 70 attendees enjoying an awesome steak dinner made by David Meyer of Crawford. Many thanks to David and speakers Jeff Conner from Purina, Dillon DeMuth with Dow Chemical, Tracy Moss from Walter Moss Seed and Randy Knight with Altosid. We had lots of mineral and sudan seed bookings following the meeting, so it sounds like everyone paid attention to our speakers!


March brings spring and the end to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, March 8. Longer days and warmer weather has many folks outside and gardening. We have everything you need at our store. Read more about it below.


Our local fisherman and morning coffee group will be back in our parking lot on Friday, March 20 for a FREE fish fry. Service starts at 11:00am and will go until it is all gone. Circle this date on your calendar!


We've included another special coupon for our eNewsletter readers this month. Make sure you scroll to the bottom to claim it!

Thank you for your business,
McGregor General Store
Chick Days are Here!!


Baby chicks started arriving at McGregor General Store last month. We have everything you need to care for your flock, chick starter, heat lamps and bulbs, feeders, waterers and much much more! If you are looking for a specific breed, it is best to call the store at 254-840-3224. Here are the expected delivery dates and breed information from the hatchery, but all is subject to change: Thursday, March 5Production Red Pullets, Silver Wyandotte Pullets, Ameraucana Pullets, Bantam Special Straight Runs. Thursday, March 12Golden Sex Link Pullets, Rhode Island Red Pullets, Barred Rock Pullets, Buff Orpington Pullets, Ameraucana Pullets ...


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Caring for Your Flock


Here are a few tips to get you started on caring for your flock or new baby chick. Learn how to protect them from infectious diseases. Call or stop by McGregor General Store with any questions. We are always happy to help! 1. Keep Your Distance - Restrict access to your property and birds. Consider fencing off the area where you keep your birds, possibly creating a barrier. 2. Keep It Clean - Keep cages and all equipment clean with disinfectant. Change water and food daily. Wear clean clothes and shoes that are only to be worn when caring for your birds. 3. Don't Haul Disease Home - If you have been near any other birds, disinfect your car and tires to minimize the risk of carrying disease. Any new birds should be ...


Ready, Set, Garden, Mulch!


It's March, that means spring arrives this month and Lawn & Garden season is finally here at McGregor General Store. We offer everything you need for a successful yard and garden. Fruit trees and shrubs have been ordered and will arrive the week of March 2. We also have vegetable plants, herbs, fertilizer, mulch, weed & feed, potting soil, garden tools, garden stakes & more! Reminder, all our Bonnie plants have a non-GMO guarantee and are started with non-GMO ...

Chick Kooler and Feeder


The easiest and cleanest way to water your flock has finally been invented with the Chick Kooler.  Never again will you have to stop and wash out your waterer. Clean water is crucial for healthier chickens, better quality eggs, higher egg production, and cleaner meat. The Chicken Kooler chicken waterer is BPA FREE. So if good health and eggs are important to you the Chicken Kooler is your answer. The Chicken Feeder is also a BPA Free hanging feeder that will save your feed because it will stay dry and rodent free...

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Yeti Hoppers and Ice are Here

Leakproof and lightweight Yeti Hoppers are back in stock AND available in 2 sizes! We have the new slightly smaller Hopper 20 and Yeti Ice. The Hopper 20 will hold 20 lbs. of just ice or 12 canned beverages. The 30 will hold 26 lbs. or 18 canned beverages. Hoppers are perfect for the golf cart, boat, hiking, picnic...any place the outdoors takes you.
NEW @Wildhorse Originals

Get your closet ready for spring at Wildhorse Originals, our expanded clothing department inside McGregor General Store!
March 2015 Savings
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