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Salary Structures: What Are They Good For?
Established salary structures aren't mandatory.  There is no law that requiring them, but they serve many useful purposes.  Having salary ranges in place can ensure that salary decisions, from new hires to promotions, are made with objective and consistent rules and parameters.  They provide at least a first line of defense against salary discrimination, intentional or otherwise, by ensuring that employees performing the same job are granted the same salary opportunity.   

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming

Loyalty Points Are No Trade Off for Housekeeping

Traveling for work puts me up close and personal with a wide variety of hotels, but even though I love dabbling in the luxury segment, the wallet just isn't fat enough to make that a year-round thing. Instead, I opt for business-oriented properties, often downtown or near a convention center, and shrewdly designed for the harried guest.

Scoring the NFL's Impact on the Hotel Industry

The hotel impact of NFL games depends on various factors, including the day of the week and the teams involved. This led to the idea of connecting hotel performance data with NFL schedules to see what we would find. We matched up every NFL game since 2008 with the respective home city to determine their impacts on the local hotels.

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Expanding Legal Sports Betting Would Generate $11.9B in Revenue

Extending legalized sports betting beyond Nevada and other states where it is currently lawful would create nearly $12 billion in gross gaming revenue in the U.S., says a new report from a global gaming analyst.

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Top Stories: Human Resources

'Human Resources' Just Doesn't Tell You What HR Really Does

Here's a simple truth. Human resources is an outdated term. The HR director or HR coordinator no longer just focuses on hiring and firing employees and making sure the company is in compliance with benefits and payroll.

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Office Space: Better Get Ready for the December 1 Deadline

The Department of Labor issued recent changes that could substantially impact your business. Are you ready? The Final Rule becomes effective Dec. 1, and it includes increasing the current $455 weekly minimum salary required for employees to qualify for white-collar exemptions to the minimum wage and overtime requirements under the Fair Labor Standards Act, or FLSA. The new salary basis will be $913 weekly.
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Additional Time Off Resulted in Worker Gains in Three Areas

Sure, you know there are personal benefits to getting rest and relaxation - like less stress and fatigue. Now here's some compelling proof there are also measurable business benefits to getting your employees to take some R&R time.  
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