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An employee compensation plan should provide a competitive wage and reward employees fairly and equitably for behaviors while accomplishing goals and objectives for the organization.  Compensation is the reward an employee receives in return for his or her contribution to the organization.  Basic components of a compensation package include base salary, incentives, and benefits.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming

 Want More Bookings? Give Consumers Less To Choose From

Many hotels - with all the best intentions - go out of their way to help guests customize their experience once they are inside your hotel booking engine. Do you want a city view king, city view double queen, or city view double queen deluxe, deluxe king with balcony?
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 Heads In Beds: Refining Room Inventory Management

Beds and rooms are not going anywhere, and getting heads in all beds is an hotelier's dream come true. If hoteliers don't understand their occupancy rates and the available rooms to offer, they can risk lost sales or overbookings.
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 What Digital Features Will Hilton Roll Out Next?

Hilton Worldwide's Digital Key is changing the way HHonors members access their room and will be available at 700-plus properties across Hilton's portfolio by the end of the year.
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Top Stories: Healthcare

 Children's Hospital Of Wisconsin Takes Team-Based Approach To Reduce Pressure Ulcers

Changes to how clinicians assessed and treated pressure ulcers began around 2009 in the hospital's pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), Rebekah Barrette, R.N., and Melissa Bennetts, R.N., co-leaders of the organization's Pressure Ulcer Prevention Team, tell FierceHealthcare during an exclusive interview.
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 Inadequate Staffing Harms Quality and the Bottom Line

The lack of adequate nurse staffing can result in longer lengths of stay, patient dissatisfaction, higher readmissions and more adverse events - all things that can decrease quality and increase impacts on the bottom line.
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 Create The Patient Narrative: Using Technology To Make Care More Meaningful

"If you don't tell a story, there's no meaning behind it, it's like trying to treat a patient with big data alone," Dr. Yeaman says. EHRs don't do the best job of crafting a narrative from raw information about patients. In fact, healthcare professionals can easily start to feel like they're fighting for air in a data deluge.
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Top Stories: Human Resources

 Do Workers Understand How Their Jobs Fit Into Your Overall Performance?

If a recent study is any indication, the answer for more than half of them is: No.  Nearly half of workers in the Robert Half Management Resources survey reported they are always able to see the connection between their duties and their firm's performance.
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 Before the Whistle Blows: Creating a Speak-up Culture at Work

The reality is that all organizations suffer lapses in ethics and compliance at times. Strengthening a company's ethics program - and making it central to business strategy - won't eliminate such lapses, but research shows it can reduce misconduct "by as much as 66 percent in organizations with effective programs,"
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 This Is Why You Need to Talk Money With Your Employees

Compensation is sometimes a taboo topic between employers and employees. It's one of the main motivations for employees at work, yet nobody talks about it. But keeping conversations on pay closed has created an alarming gap in perception, PayScale's 2016 Compensation Best Practices Report found.
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