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The traditional procedure for market pricing a job title begins by accurately matching your company's job to the survey's benchmarked job. To aid in this effort, WageWatch collects employee payroll data on 843 distinct job titles across all surveys for 2016.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming

 Reservation Pace Decline Signals Stronger Headwinds for Hoteliers

"As new July bookings have fallen by -3.6 percent compared to the same time last year, it's becoming abundantly clear that there are stronger headwinds ahead for hoteliers in 2016," said John Hach, TravelClick's senior industry analyst.
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 3 Things Hotel Revenue Managers Can Learn From Psychologists

For most hoteliers, establishing rates is a rational, practical task based on analysis of the market and historical trends. But, your hotel's bottom line could be missing a key dimension when deciding on room rates: price psychology.
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 Hotels Discover Cancellation Fees No Match For Prepayment Discounts

When it comes to hotel companies' recent attempts to tweak consumer behavior by encouraging early, prepaid bookings while discouraging last-minute cancellations, the carrot appears to be working far better than the stick.
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Top Stories: Healthcare

 When Nurses Can Sleep Soundly, So Can Hospital Leaders

There's ample precedent for employee naps in industries that involve 24-hour operations--and even within the healthcare industry--writes Laura A. Stokowski, R.N., but the practice has made little headway within nursing.
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 Study: 30 Percent of Children's Readmissions to Hospitals May Be Preventable

One of the key indicators of the quality of a hospital's care is how frequently its patients are readmitted within a month after being discharged. A study this month examined readmission rates for pediatric patients and found that nearly 30 percent of them may have been preventable.
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 Hospital Units Suited To The Elderly Help Prevent Mental, Physical Decline

Older patients tend to be more susceptible to mental and physical deterioration in the hospital, even if they recover from the injury or illness that landed them there in the first place. However, hospital wards tailored to older patients' needs can help prevent such effects, according to NPR.
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Top Stories: Human Resources

 Compliance Officer: 3 ACA Slip-Ups Can Trigger Expensive Penalties

The DOL has said that by the end of 2018, it plans to audit every employer covered by the ACA for compliance with the healthcare reform law. Realistic or not, it sent a strong message to employers.
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 New HR Titles Reflect These Professionals' Strategic Importance.

HR professionals are the glue that holds a company together, but the term "human resources" doesn't necessarily scream excitement to the everyday person. In fact, to some it feels outdated.
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 It Takes More (But Not By Much) Than A Screenshot To Prove COBRA Compliance, Court Says

Plan administrators are not required to ensure actual receipt of the election notice, but a good faith effort to provide the notice must be made.
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