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The use of sub-contractors, temporary staffing, leased employees and independent contractors can provide employers with quick temporary staffing and reduce benefits and payroll costs. However, the employer client can be considered a joint employer with the leasing or temporary agency when they share certain key employment terms such as the ability to hire, fire or discipline the workers, affect their compensation and benefits, and direct and supervise their performance.  

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming

 How Online Travel Agencies Manipulate Your Search Results

It's the byproduct of a behind-the-scenes conflict between hotels, which want customers such as Compo-Martin to book directly with them, and online travel agencies, which don't want to be undercut by the hotels. The bottom line for customers: When you book online, you may not see the cheapest hotels first.
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 Predictive Analytics Hovers Near 50% Probability for Recession

Future business activity in U.S. hotels remained unchanged in June according to the latest reading of the Hotels' future business conditions (HIL) indicator. e−forecasting.com's HIL, 
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 The Future of Guest Feedback: Proactive vs. Predictive Experiences

This notion of being proactive rather than reactive when it comes to providing positive guest feedback is still a foreign concept to many.  It doesn't just mean offering your guests a pleasant stay in the hopes of a positive review.
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Top Stories: Healthcare

 Wearables, Apps Won't Face FDA Scrutiny

In final guidance on the tools, the Food and Drug Administration says the Center for Devices and Radiological Health "does not intend to examine low-risk general wellness products." Those products include wearables, apps, video games and software programs.
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 18 Key Points About the New Overall Hospital Star Ratings

Hospital organizations two days earlier backed legislation that would require CMS to pull the ratings down. And hospital groups said they would continue working to have the ratings pulled down until their concerns about the methodology used to create the star system are addressed.
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 Beating The Patient-Pay Problem With 3 Point-Of-Service Collection Strategies

As charge amounts on medical bills continue to rise, hospitals are increasingly challenged to defend their chargemaster and uphold the cost of their services. 
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Top Stories: Human Resources

 Top 3 Reasons Why Healthy Snacking Is The Key To Employee Engagement

According to research firm Gallup, the vast majority-nearly 70%- of U.S. employees are not engaged in their current roles. Within that group, 17.5% characterize themselves as actively disengaged, which means that they are actively working to undermine the success of their own companies.
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 A Humane Approach to Layoffs

I know of employers that perp-walk the recently laid off out of the building with armed escorts. What message does this send to the laid-off employee and to the employees left behind? 
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 7 Ways Managers Can Build Trust in the Workplace

A recent study by Edelman found that one in three employees don't trust their employer. Another study by EY found that number to be even lower, with only 46% having trust in their organization, and 49% in their boss/team. 
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