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It is valuable for HR to gain a strong understanding and appreciation for the value of good annual budgeting.  In most companies, employee costs constitute the majority of fixed costs and therefore the HR budget contains key and critical elements of the overall company budget.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming

 Hotels Rethinking The Way They Book Accommodations

Forward-thinking hotels are starting to respond to these shifting expectations, rethinking the way they rent out rooms. If the latest wave of initiatives are successful, travelers could soon see a whole new level of flexibility when it comes to booking a hotel. Here are some of the latest trends to look out for:
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 Hotels As Antidepressants

The philosopher's stone for hospitality professionals is guest satisfaction, which in profane terms means turning tired, stressed-out, grumpy travelers with great expectations into returning loyal guests. In other words, making our guests happy.
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 Casino Executives Demand A Cut If Daily Fantasy Sports Returns

Casino executives have been cannibalizing each other's market share throughout the region, but when it comes to daily fantasy sports' bid for a comeback in New York, these rivals are presenting a united front.
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Top Stories: Healthcare

 Performance Improvement: 4 Ways Hospitals Can Boost Team-Based Care

As care models, treatments and technologies continue to evolve, a pair of hospital executives have devised several leadership strategies that help staff members at all levels work together to better accomplish their goals.
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 Managing the Growing Shortages of Healthcare Techs and Therapists

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that job openings for medical lab technologists will grow 14% by 2024, but many in the current workforce are now hitting retirement age, she said. At the same time, the patient population is swelling, due to aging Baby Boomers and the newly insured through the Affordable Care Act (ACA). 
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 4 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Reduce Claim Denials

Healthcare organizations' annual losses from denial write-offs range from as little as 1 percent of net patient revenue to as high as 4 or 5 percent, according to Advisory Board. For an average 300-bed organization, 1 percent of net patient revenue can equate to $2 million to $3 million annually.
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Top Stories: Human Resources

 For God's Sake, Think Before You Email

Unlike diamonds, email messages aren't forever, but they are pretty darn close. Employers need to train managers and supervisors to be vigilant in their care about what they reduce to writing in emails.
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 Adopt New FLSA Overtime Rules Before December Deadline, Former DOL Official Says

Employers should make any necessary changes to employees' exemptions before the workweek that includes December 1, according to a former administrator of the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) Wage and Hour Division (WHD).
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 The Most Unusual, Even Wacky, HR Laws Nationwide

Local HR laws are confusing enough; try throwing in factors like multiple offices and remote employees spanning multiple states, and as an employer, you're looking at a tangle of rules and regulations.
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