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Employers need to ensure they count all worked hours as paid hours for their non-exempt staff. For example, when an employee eats lunch at their workstation or desk and their lunch is interrupted by work such as answering phones or email, the employee is working and must be paid for that time because the employee has not been completely relieved from duty.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming

 Hotels: From Pokémon Go to the Pokeconomy

Pokémon are showing up in the middle of the street, in parks, restaurants, and yes, also hotels thanks to augmented reality. Although some people think it's crazy, we see a powerful mobile marketing tool for hoteliers.
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 Hotel Leaders, "What's Your MTP?"

There may be no better way for hospitality firms to learn and gain inspiration for successfully transforming their businesses by leveraging technology than by looking at some of the "unicorns" that have successfully tapped into the hospitality sector.
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 Hotel Industry Hits Plateau In Consumer Satisfaction

The free amenities that were once considered special perks that add value to the customer experience have become the new norm, according to The J.D. Power 2016 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, released this week.
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Top Stories: Healthcare

 Managing the Growing Shortages of Healthcare Techs and Therapists

Now that labor shortages have hit the allied healthcare workforce, hospitals and healthcare organizations will have to get more innovative in staff planning and management. 
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 Workplace Violence: Encourage Healthcare Staff To Report Assaults

Workplace violence is an ongoing problem in hospitals, especially for nurses. But a new commentary published in the Journal of the American Medical Association says there is a promising solution: Healthcare leaders must encourage staff to report assaults and provide them with training on how to handle attacks.
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 Study: Health Apps Near Meaningless For Low-Income Patients With Chronic Conditions

Health apps intended to help individuals manage chronic health issues were found to be rather ineffective for low-income patients, racially/ethnically diverse populations, according to new research in the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
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Top Stories: Human Resources

 Does Your Handbook Say This ... ? If So, It's Time For A Rewrite

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) just issued another ruling that all employers - not just unionized shops - have to abide by, according to federal law.   Cue the facepalms.
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 Don't Forget Your BS Meter When Conducting Workplace Investigations

By now, you've likely heard about the plagiarism flap that has embroiled the GOP following Melania Trump's Monday night speech at the Republican National Convention.   Here's the employment-law takeaway: when you are assessing credibility
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 Entice Millennials with a Culture Emphasizing Quality of Life

Employers need to encourage and emphasize the importance of having a life outside  work if they hope to attract Millennials, two big-city mayors said Tuesday during a panel presentation at the Republican National Convention.
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