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Studies have shown that salary can just as easily de-motivate employees as motivate them.   In fact, salaries generally operate as negative reinforcement rather than positive.   For example, an employee receiving a lower than expected merit increase or bonus payment can certainly de-motivate.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 Cornell Study Shows Changing Relationship of Supervisors and Employees
Fairness is the beginning of a solid relationship between supervisors and employees, but other factors soon become more important, according to a new study from the Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (CHR).
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 Direct Booking Tips: How To Offer More Value Than An OTA
The battle for direct bookings has been escalating over recent months, with large hotel chains going into open, outright competition with online travel agents (OTAs). Hilton's stop clicking around campaign is the biggest marketing campaign in the company's history,
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 Hospitality Doesn't Necessarily Need Big Data
The term "Big Data" is intimidating. Big implies that there is a large volume of high-velocity data - like what flows from orbiting satellites measuring hundreds of factors that define weather patterns around the world. Now, that is big data.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Nurses On Strike: The Impact On Patient Care And Safety
A series of nurse strikes at major U.S. health systems ended Monday, some before they had even begun, though the potential for thousands of nurses to be off the job raised concerns about the impact of such strikes on patient care and patient safety.
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 US Hospitals See Weaker Volumes Of Less Acute Patients In Q1
A segment of the largest Fitch-rated U.S. for-profit hospital companies reported an average of 0.2 percent organic growth in inpatient admissions and 2.8 percent organic growth in admissions adjusted for outpatient activity in the first quarter of fiscal 2016.
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 The Future Of Healthcare, Watch The Cable Industry
Since the 1990s bundled packages have become the pervasive force in delivering movies, live sports and music. By comparison, many newspapers were around for over a century and seemed as impervious as another local oligopoly/monopoly business - hospitals.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 11 Remarkable Overtime Rule Tips From DOL Insider
Turns out there's more to the FLSA's overtime exemption rule changes (and salary threshold) than meets the eye. A former DOL administrator recently opened a lot of employers' eyes with what she had to say about the new rule.
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 Your Employees Are Using Social Media at Work; Deal With It
A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center confirmed what I have long thought. Your employees are using social media at work - 77 percent of them. And I believe even that number is low.
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 How to Create Paths to Career Advancement That Matter to Your Employees
It's no secret that offering professional development opportunities and career training appeals to job candidates. According to a 2014 Global Workforce Study conducted by Towers Watson, career advancement opportunities matter most to employees when deciding to join or leave an organization.
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