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Maryland, Minnesota and D.C. have increases scheduled for mid-year 2016. Nevada will announce in July whether or not there will be a cost of living increase to their indexed minimum wage.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 What Would You Do With $5,000 Extra In Marketing Budget?
So, just say, by the grace of the accounting gods, that your marketing department is granted an unexpected windfall of $5,000. How would you like to spend it? Or, rather, how should you spend it? Here's what our team, with 30+ years of bringing in direct revenue for hotel clients across the country, recommends doing with that $5,000 to drive more bookings.
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 5 Engagement Strategies For Every Hotelier's Operational Mix
When you engage with customers, you create opportunities for loyalty to build. And when you have loyal customers, then you've created potential evangelists. And evangelists convert into revenue. Proactive reputation management equals revenue booked.
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 Mobile Technology in Hotels
Ever since Apple released the first iPhones and iPads, the hospitality industry has been discussing how best to utilize these devices in a real hotel setting. While there is a wide range of innovative mobile applications and services available, they are not yet a common sight in operation at many hotels.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Mobile Phone Use By Clinicians May Pose Hospital Infection Risk
Mobile phones harbor germs and may pose an infection risk to patients if doctors and nurses don't wash their hands after using them, according to a study published in the journal Clinical Microbiology and Infection.
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 Hospital Readmission App Could Save Healthcare Industry Billions
Hospitals and healthcare providers are penalized for readmitting patients within a 30-day time period. An award-winning app developed by graduate students at Binghamton University, State University of New York, could help reduce these readmission rates and save the healthcare industry billions.
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 4 Tips For Effective Communication While Under Pressure
Communicating calmly and effectively under pressure is an integral skill for leaders. The ability to maintain composure, think clearly and make decisions can help keep an organization on track during a crisis, while an inability to do so can make a problem even worse, according to Inc. magazine.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 3 Things Managers Can't Say After FMLA Requests
Three employers are currently fighting expensive FMLA interference lawsuits because their managers didn't stick to the facts when subordinates requested leave.
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 The 10 Oddest Things HR Managers Have Caught Employees Doing
A survey was just conducted to find out what's stifling employee productivity, and HR managers revealed some disturbing things about their workers.   That is to say they shared a lot of the weird stuff their employees like to do while on the clock.  Some of the more disturbing things named in the survey:
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 The Best Ways to Reward Employees
Every company needs a strategic reward system for employees that addresses these four areas: compensation, benefits, recognition and appreciation.
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