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I began my career in Compensation in the early 1990s using a combination of market pricing and job evaluation to establish pay structures.  Market pricing is the 'external' method, collecting salary data, usually through a salary survey, for similar jobs from other organizations to establish the 'market rate' or 'price' for the job. 

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 5 Engagement Strategies For Every Hotelier's Operational Mix
A guest provides great praise for his/her stay at your hotel, or they go on a never-ending rant about how miserable their stay was and how they will never stay at your hotel again. The challenge, of course, is having enough resources to be able to address guest reviews in a timely fashion.
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 Don't Be The Weakest Link In Your Flag
Recently, I had an unfortunate experience while staying at a branded property that was clearly well past its best before date. Despite its prime location in its market and good promotional efforts, it was obvious that this chain outlet was not meeting any of the defined standards outlined by the corporate website.
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 Why the Tampa Bay Hotel Industry Outpaces Nation
The Tampa-St. Pete-Clearwater area has for many years been considered one of the better valued hotel markets in the state, Plasencia said. "There are a lot of investors who really like the West Coast of Florida," he said, pointing to the beaches, Tampa International Airport, walkable communities, cultural outlets and sporting activities.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Ex-Hospital Nursing Exec: Sharing EHR Concerns Led To Termination
Autumn AndRa, who in April was let go as chief nursing officer of Sonoma West Medical Center in California, claims in a lawsuit that the hospital's Harmoni EHR system mixed up information for patients--for example, drug orders for one patient would appear on charts for another--according to The Press Democrat. The system also failed to display code status information, the article notes.
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 AMA: Gun Violence Is A Public Health Crisis
Following the Orlando mass shooting that killed 50 - the deadliest mass shooting in American history - and the tally of gun-related deaths reaching more than 6,000 so far in 2016 alone, the AMA has declared gun violence "a public health crisis."
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 20 Most Costly Inpatient Conditions
Hospital care expenditures, which constitute the largest single component of healthcare spending, grew 3.5 percent in 2013. Accounting for $23.66 billion, or 6.2 percent of aggregate costs for all hospitalizations, Septicemia was the most expensive condition treated at U.S. hospitals in 2013, according to the report.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Should You Ban Smartphones In The Office?
Recently, CareerBuilder released a survey about how cell phones/texting is the biggest productivity killer in the workplace as cited by 55% of employers. That same survey found that 83% of workers have smartphones and 82% keep them within eye contact at work. More than six in 10 have also admitted to using it (at least) several times a day.
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 'Concussion,' Retaliation and Whistleblower Protections
Retaliation against complainers and whistleblowers that do not involve demotion, transfer or termination are not covered by the Whistleblower Protection Act, writes Edward Stern, an expert on workforce bullying.
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 Majority of U.S. Workers Believe Leaders Don't Act In Best Interest Of Employees
Fierce Inc., the leadership development and training company, has released survey findings that reveal people's sentiments towards leaders in both business and politics. Fierce conducted the nationwide survey of several hundred professionals to identify how their views on leadership compared in the business and political worlds.
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