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In the last couple years, both the federal and state governments have been cracking down on the use of unpaid interns.  The use of 'free' interns has been significantly reduced since 2010 when the Department of Labor issued new criteria for employers using unpaid interns:

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 2016's Most Important Digital Marketing Trends for the Hospitality Sector
From video conferencing to remote training opportunities to the most simplified centralised management systems to date, the IT takeover really has taken over the sector. But what's at the forefront of the minds of most industry leaders right now is exactly how to capitalise on cutting edge technology, in order to further sales and marketing efforts.
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 Hotels Must Be Better Than Home
It's time to market our hotels as better than home - cleaner, uncluttered, more secure and better serviced. In this sense, we should flip the switch; our guestrooms ought to be aspirational for what our customers' homes could resemble one day. Staying at your property should enlighten your guests as how they can make their houses feel 'just like a hotel'.
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 Fairmont Opens Ten New Wild Bee Hotels
These new oases were developed by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts in partnership with Pollinator Partnership to serve as habitat for nesting and reproduction. Habitat loss is a leading cause for the decline in wild bee populations, which are responsible for the pollination of one-third of the food produced in the U.S.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Board Game May Help Train Clinicians To Reduce Medication Errors
The Drug Round Game is an adaptation of the children's game Snakes and Ladders, according to an announcement from the university, and is designed for clinicians who are directly or indirectly involved in the administration of medications to patients.
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 Increasing Push to Reduce Patient Confusion With Bills
The share of medical costs that patients are becoming responsible for paying continues to increase with the spread of high-deductible health plans. But frustration also is growing amid confusing medical bills that reflect the complexity and fragmentation of the healthcare system.
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 Harvard Study: Black Male Physicians Earn Much Less Than White Counterparts
Researchers from Boston-based Harvard Medical School analyzed data from the U.S. Census American Community Survey and physician surveys from the Center for Studying Health System Change. In the ACS survey, they found black male physicians' mean annual income was $210,000 while white male physicians earned roughly 22 percent more, or $255,383 on average.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 The Trap of Big Data in HR
But with every silver lining comes a thunderstorm. Even if you control the analytical solution set across your HR practice, you've still got the challenge of making sure your teams can accurately engage the operations side of the business related to what the data mean and what adjustments are necessary to maximize the effect of talent on the business.
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 Should You Allow Employees to Record Meetings?
If you run a business, personal smartphone recordings could put you in a sticky situation. You want to encourage employees to freely use their devices, but you also have a responsibility to protect the privacy of your employees and customers.
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 Like It or Not, "Smart Drugs" Are Coming to the Office
Up to 20% of Ivy League college students have already tried "smart drugs," so we can expect these pills to feature prominently in organizations (if they don't already). After all, the pressure to perform is unlikely to disappear the moment students graduate. And senior employees with demanding jobs might find these drugs even more useful than a 19-year-old college kid does.
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