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In addition to an external compensation analysis to market, an analysis should be performed to identify internal pay inequities that could potentially become the focus of an OFCCP audit. 

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 Hotel Cybersecurity: Closing the Doors Before the Horses Leave the Barn
I was particularly impressed by HotelNewsNow Panel's evidence of how costly cybersecurity breaches can be, how much can be done to prevent or limit exposure, and how reasonable the cost can be for a pro-active approach.
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 Hotel Yearbook: Hospitality Education - A Third Paradigm
As the hospitality industry enters the era of the experience economy, hospitality education finds itself facing a third major paradigm shift in order to meet the needs of today's consumers
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 Hotels Promoting Direct Bookings: It's About Time!
Ask 10 people what is the best way to get a good vacation deal, and you will get 10 different answers. Not everybody has the same definition for a "deal", to begin with. And not everyone seeks a travel experience based on price alone.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 3 Things That Can Make Or Break Your Retirement Plan, And How To Fix Them
The success of every retirement plan depends upon the quality of the assumptions around which the plan is designed. Many healthcare organizations find faulty assumptions related to return rate and executive life expectancy drag down plan productivity
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 Progressive Solutions for Filling Healthcare Jobs
Momentous changes in the healthcare industry are transforming the way we staff hospitals, health systems and other health facilities. Contingent or temporary jobs for nurses, physicians, allied professionals and interim healthcare leaders are increasingly vital 
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 Medical Errors: 5 System-Wide Changes That Can Prevent Patient Harm
Despite controversy over the definition of medical errors used in a new study that finds these mistakes lead to 10 percent of deaths in the United States each year, it's clear that the industry has to do something to catch and prevent these errors.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Knock, Knock: Court Rules EEOC Can Come On-Site - With Or Without Your Consent
The ruling is a double-whammy for employers: It could embolden the EEOC's enforcement and investigatory efforts, while at the same time dissuade employers from challenging the agency's authority in the future.
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 3 Essential Virtues of the Ideal Team Player
To start the process, the company identified three virtues of an ideal team player: humility, hunger and smarts. These are not inherent traits. Team players aren't born that way, but they come to embrace the essential qualities through life experiences, work history or personal development. 
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 Is Your Star Performer Ready for Management?
But before you promote that individual to the first rung of management, engage in a "best practices" move: Pause and assess the individual. Determine what skills he or she may be missing or needs to strengthen.
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