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Now, however, with the advent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), additional concerns may apply in respect of temporary employees, specifically where temporary employees may occasionally (or not so occasionally) work a full time schedule.  This article provides a quick run-down on why your temporary employees may give you a permanent ACA headache in 2016.*

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 FIFO and LIFO Guest Interactions
To those who have taken a course in accounting or general finance, both of these four letter acronyms should be instantly familiar. Adapting these terms beyond bookkeeping and into the realm of hospitality, we can lever such terminology for a completely different purpose - guest interactions.
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 Best Western Invests In Virtual Reality Training
As part of a new training initiative, Best Western Hotels & Resorts partnered with Mursion, a virtual training platform where professionals can practice interpersonal skills, to create a series of simulations for front-desk staff.
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 Sleeper Hits: Hotels With Movie Theaters
A number of hotels, from Paris to Chicago, have in-house movie theaters that offer cinéastes a posh experience. And you don't even have to spend the night to take advantage of them.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 A Culture Of Patient Safety Requires Education, Daily Strategies
Healthcare needs a safety culture that emphasizes accountability over punishment, write Tejal K. Gandhi, M.D., of the National Patient Safety Foundation; former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Administrator Donald Berwick, M.D.,; and Kaveh G. Shojania, M.D., of Canada's Centre for Quality Improvement and Patient Safety.
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 Average Price Paid For 162 Common Medical Services By State: 2016
Forty-two states ranked by the average cost to insurers of 162 common medical services in 2015. Includes the ratio of the state average to the national average and examples of average costs of knee replacement, pregnancy ultrasound and cataract removal.
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 Nurse's Week "Culture of Safety" Benefits All Healthcare - Including the Bottom
The theme of this year's National Nurses Week, "Culture of Safety: It starts with YOU," doesn't only help protect the safety of patients and nurses but also quality, outcomes and the bottom line of the healthcare enterprise. 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Legal Briefing: When to Allow Tip Pools
The Fair Labor Standards Act says an employer may fulfill part of its hourly minimum wage obligation to a tipped employee with the employee's tips; this is known as taking a "tip credit."
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 The Dreaded Termination Talk: Helping Managers Get It Right
Before a confrontation can happen, HR's often faced with getting managers past their normal aversion to making the final termination decision.
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 Are You Addressing These 3 Important Staffing Trends for 2016?
The majority of top performers who are currently employed are not actively looking, so recruiters and companies need to find new ways to attract these passive candidates.
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