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Maintaining a salary structure that aligns with the organization's pay philosophy and is competitive to the labor market is imperative for any organization. Most organizations update their salary structure every one to two years, as budget permits.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 10 Things I've Learned In 25 Years Of Hotel Marketing
When Jim Zito started in hotel marketing, the internet was still a few years away, most marketing campaigns were printed and Milli Vanilli was up for a grammy. After 25 years in the industry, Jim has seen the rise and fall of many hotel marketing tactics, tools and techniques.
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 What's Left To Ask The Concierge?
With Yelp, Google Maps and OpenTable now just a tap away, most guests forget about the valuable expertise of the hotel concierge.
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 Hotels Managers Shouldn't Overdo Responses To Online Reviews: Cornell Study
The study found that revenue levels increase as the number of management responses increases, but only to a point. After about a 40-percent response rate, hotels seem to reach a point of diminishing returns.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Quality Improvement Intervention With Checklists Failed To Cut ICU Mortality
Daily checklists and other aspects of a quality improvement intervention failed to reduce deaths among critically ill patients in intensive care units (ICUs), a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found.
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 9 Legislative Developments Affecting Healthcare
The following is a roundup of recently introduced legislation and legislative developments affecting the healthcare industry.
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 21st Century Sourcing: Solving the Healthcare Supply-Demand Crunch
By 2024, healthcare will be the largest employer in the nation, with job openings due to growth and replacement needs totaling nearly 5.2 million, including more than 1 million nurses, 1 million technologists and technicians, 300,000 therapists and almost 300,000 physicians and surgeons, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Facility Conundrum: Cut Costs, But Upgrade Workplace To Attract Talent
A new survey of corporate executives underscores a major shift in how companies are making real estate decisions today, with more than half saying that talent now trumps cost as the top strategic consideration involved.
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 Should HR Ask for Job Candidates' Salary Histories?
Many assign nefarious motives to employers, arguing that once a job seeker has disclosed his or her current earnings, the company will disregard market data, pay ranges, relevant education and experience in order to lowball an offer. 
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 Why Tech Is HR's Friend, Not Its Enemy
The reality is crystal clear: People are the most important asset to any business, and employers will always need experts to manage them. While tech can automate administrative work and take the productivity of many important HR tasks to the next level, HR professionals are -- and will continue to be -- a vital part of every business.
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