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There are two competing economic theories for what determines wage levels in the marketplace. The classic model is based on long run lasting effects from the expansion and contraction of the economic cycle which in turn drive wage rates; essentially tying wages to supply and demand for labor over time. The alternative model, which has been gaining support since the 1990s, is that wage levels are driven by what economists call "contemporaneous conditions". 

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 The Surprising Psychology of Hotel Reservations
Your choice of hotel may have depended on a number of factors including the hotel's amenities, the location or even the star rating. You may think that you chose a hotel based on your requirements alone but have you ever considered the possibility that the hotel chose you?
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 What Do the World's Best Hotels And Hoteliers Have In Common? Part 1 - The Brand Basics
With need-based evolution, desire-led ideation and reacting to the diversity in the market mix, hotels have developed into several brand types and niche categories.  Regardless of the type and slotting into stars, the best hotels in their own coves have a common thread running through them.
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 Instagram's Newsfeed Update: What Hotels Need To Know
The Internet is buzzing with news that Instagram will be changing it's news feed to show posts in the 'best' order as opposed to the chronological order.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 5 Ways To Create A Great Healthcare Workplace
Healthcare organizations named to Fortune's 20 Best Workplaces in Health Care share a sense of camaraderie and pride in their work, and offer lessons to other hospitals and systems that strive to create a positive work environment that can attract and retain the best talent.
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 The Three Cs of Secure Text Messaging
Recent research from KLAS shows that 60 percent of hospitals plan to go live with secure text messaging within the next year. So, what are secure messaging solutions, and why are so many hospitals planning to allocate budget and resources to implement and support them?
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 How Predictive Analytics Are Transforming Health Care
With the near universal adoption of electronic health records, large hospitals and health systems have begun to recognize something that consumer retailers have relied on for more than a decade: With the right analytics, data can predict the future and help organizations get out in front of consumer trends.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
  How Reducing Gender Inequality Could Boost U.S. GDP by $2.1 Trillion
It is remarkable that gender inequality in the United States, the largest economy in the world, remains so high. While many argue that gender equality is the "right" thing to do, it is now clear that equality is also economically the "smart" thing to do.
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 3 Costly Mistakes New Managers Can't Afford To Make
When new managers hit the ground running, it makes HR's life easier. Good managers keep your brightest stars engaged, which improves retention and keeps you from having to fill talent gaps. Poor managers - or at least those who start off poorly - have the opposite effect.
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 Can You Refuse To Hire Someone Because They're Fat? Courts Say 'Yes'
In an era in which just about everything is regarded as a disability, at least two courts have stepped forward and labeled one major condition as NOT being a disability. Which means employers have some freedom on how to deal with it.
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