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Joint employment exists when an employee is employed by two or more employers who both benefit from the employee's work and are sufficiently related or associated with each other. The analysis for determining joint employment under the FMLA is the same as under the FLSA.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 The Robots Are Coming... to Take Your Job
Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future, recently appeared on the Knowledge@Wharton show on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM channel 111 to talk about how the robot revolution has affected businesses in a host of industries, what it means for jobs in the years ahead, and what other surprises might be on the horizon.
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 Undercover Hotelier: What's Missing From Luxury Hotels?
A visit to six luxury properties in Florida exposed some obvious cutbacks in service and amenities that seem out of place for the chain scale.
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 Hotel Loyalty is Dead
Did I get your attention? Guest loyalty as a concept is not dead, but it is rapidly evolving. Points and redemption-based models are antiquated and failing to impress the modern traveler.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 'Safe Patient Project' Reveals Medical Horror Stories
The report, part of Consumer Reports' Safe Patient Project, examined doctors on probation in California for offenses ranging from drug abuse to sexual misconduct to fatal, careless mistakes, but still practicing medicine.
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 ER Overcrowding Solutions Continue To Fall Short
Emergency departments around the country continue to struggle with overcrowding and, in some cases, come up with options for delivering care in different ways.
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 Hospitals And Unions: 15 Recent Conflicts, Agreements
The following is a roundup of recent events pertaining to hospital-union relationships, including strikes, concerns, legal battles, rallies and new contract agreements. All events were reported since Feb. 18, beginning with the most recent.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 New ADA Guidance Reveals 8 Things Employers Need To Know
Not only has the EEOC ramped up its oversight of this complex area, but the regulations surrounding the interactive process don't paint a black-and-white picture of what exactly employers need to do.
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 Four Changes You Can Make to Your Talent Acquisition Strategy Today
If there's one thing I've learned working as a consultant in HR and recruiting, it's that the business world and workplace is one huge chess game. But people need to see results.

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 Why You May Want To Consider A 'Napping Room' (We're Not Kidding)
Employers spend vast amounts of time and resources combating costly chronic conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity - and rightly so. But there's one health condition that's largely ignored by health-management programs. - and it's likely having a negative impact on your employees.  
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