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Millennials are optimistic and connected and they thrive on innovation and change.  They believe that a single person's voice can make a difference.  Their preference is for organizations that have open, fair, transparent and inclusive leadership styles with access to a number of peers and other leaders, rather than limited to working with one leader or manager is an opportunity for organizations to evolve in ways that benefit both the organization and the employees.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 Hi, My Name Is...How Do You Remember?
In many career coaching workshops, networking and relationship building are key skills for young professionals to build. Social media sites have accelerated connectivity and for the hotel sales professional, the skill of relationship building is critical to career success. 
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 Unlocking Insight With Guest Feedback Text Analytics
Written guest comments contain the specifics on how to improve your hotels. Today, there exists significant opportunity for our industry to process this feedback for better operational and marketing insights. 
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 Congress Cracks Down on Hotel Scams
For consumers, the fraud takes several different forms. Unassuming guests could be charged additional hidden fees when they arrive, fail to get the accommodations they requested, lose expected loyalty points, or worse, they could learn that their reservation was never actually made.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 3 Ways Hospitals Can Increase Profitability In 2016
While 2016 appears to be a grim time for some hospitals, especially smaller rural facilities that would be happy with a break-even balance sheet, there are steps hospitals and health systems of all sizes can take to boost their finances this year.
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 Experienced Leadership: Vital to Healthcare Success
The aging population, uncertainty surrounding healthcare reform, the shift to value-based care and new reimbursement models are just a few of the influential factors placing growing pressure on healthcare organizations. 
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 The Hospital Of The Future Is Here...But It Needs More Gadgets & Bandwidth
At the Health Information and Management System Society annual meeting this week in Las Vegas, the intelligent, connected and digital hospital was a common theme in the educational and exhibit hall presentations.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Rethinking the Work Life Equation
''We wanted to do a field experiment at a corporation that reduced its hours,'' she said, ''but realized nobody would let us do that. We thought they would be more willing to experiment with giving workers more control.''
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 Why Smart Goals are Dumb
The SMART acronym actually guides setting objectives, not goals. This is why it is so perfect for performance management: Managers must guide the outcomes of a person's work. Therefore, they need to measure if the objective they set is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. Yet, when it comes to establishing developmental goals, SMART goals are likely to wrong approach.
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 Competency Management: Challenges And Benefits
Some 31 percent of organizations have yet to define the essential leadership competencies requisite for leaders at all levels to achieve business goals. Of those that have, a mere 8 percent have automated competency management, according to Brandon Hall Group's 2016 Talent Management Study.
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