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The employment legal landscape continues to evolve.  Here are a few legislative changes that are slated to take effect in 2016 under federal law.

Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 When Time Is Money, Drop The Restaurant Wi-Fi
The title of this article may puzzle a few of you as I've been a longstanding backer of offering Wi-Fi to hotel guests for free as a means of increasing guest satisfaction. However, this is a specific instance where promoting complimentary wireless internet access may not be the prudent method of garnering consumer advocacy
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 Tech Trends In Hotel Public Spaces
Much of the thought and discussion about technological innovations in hotels revolves around in-room experiences, but public spaces, from lobbies to restaurants and meeting spaces, are also continually adapting to new technology. 
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 I Hope He's Not Going To Die At My Hotel
Some hotels become the departing point of the final journey.  The horror of the hotelier is the customer has arrived to depart.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 The Number Of Armed Security Guards In Hospitals Is Growing - So Is The Debate Over Their Necessity
In 2014, 52 percent of hospitals reported their security personnel carried handguns, while 47 percent reported arming them with Tasers, according to a national survey cited by The New York Times. Those numbers are more than double the estimates from just three years prior.
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 What Justice Scalia's Death Could Mean For Healthcare: 7 Things To Know
Without the sharp-tongued, conservative Justice Scalia, the court is lopsided in favor of the liberal opinion. Eight justices remain, with four acting as liberal members, and three remaining in its conservative wing.
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 Praise, Criticism & Everything In Between: 14 Physicians Sound Off On EHRS
What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about EHRs? Becker's Hospital Review asked physicians to share their thoughts on the EHR user experience and where these systems fit in the future of healthcare. Responses ranged from frustration and resignation to applause and hopefulness.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 5 Ways To Engage Middle Management
Gallup recently published a report, The State of the American Manager 2015, and found that only 35 percent of managers are engaged. Shockingly, this is only five percentage points higher than overall employee engagement among U.S. workers.
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 How to Build a Passionate Company
Executives have begun to understand that to build a great business, companies need a larger goal, one that transcends the traditional bottom line. The best and brightest talent are attracted to organizations that offer a broader purpose. But simply defining a purpose is not enough.
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 How Automation Will Change the Way We Work
While we may be far from a world where machines will replace all working humans, 45 percent of work activities could be automated using existing technology, according to recent McKinsey & Co. research. 
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