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Before you get knee deep into the new year, take the opportunity to step back from the day to day duties, reflect on the year that just passed and begin the year with a fresh perspective. Taking some time to plan your compensation calendar in the year ahead can help you stay organized, stay on task and focus on what is critical. Hopefully you have kept notes on compensation issues that occurred in the prior year, such as salary range or hiring issues for certain jobs, maybe a department has restructured and jobs have changed that could require new job descriptions, exempt status review and may call for a complete department salary structure review.  
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 How Big Data And Analytics Are Changing Hotels And The Hospitality Industry
The hotel and hospitality sector caters to millions of travellers every day, and each one of them checks in with their own set of expectations. Meeting those expectations is the key to getting people to return, and increasingly hotel and leisure operators are turning to advanced analytics solutions for clues about how to keep their customers happy.
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 16 for '16: Predictions for the Year Ahead
HSMAI Americas Board of Directors members recently offered their predictions for what to expect in hospitality sales, marketing and revenue optimization for 2016.
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 Innovation in Hospitality Management
Hotels face a life-threatening competitor that might forever change the industry landscape, at least the landscape as we know it today. Competition is coming from for-profit firms that generate the bulk of their revenues from exploiting the growing (and hence attractive) world of collaborative consumption: online, peer-to-peer marketplaces of bed-sharing. This business model jeopardizes the industry and millions of jobs.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Less than 20% of Nurses Comply With Standard Precautions For Infection Prevention
Researchers from Northwell Health in Great Neck, N.Y., surveyed 116 registered nurses working in ambulatory care settings about their compliance with standard precautions, knowledge of hepatitis C virus and behavioral factors that influence compliance.
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 Healthcare Employment Strong at Year-End
Healthcare employment improved by more than 39,000 jobs in the last month of 2015. Specifically, healthcare employment grew from 15,299,000 in November to 15,338,400, according to seasonally adjusted preliminary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 
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 How To Identify A Great Physician Leader
As the U.S. healthcare paradigm shifts away from fee-for-service and toward a population health-oriented care model, physician leaders are increasingly the drivers of change within hospitals and other organizations.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Employers Adjust to Implementation of Paid-Sick-Leave Laws
State and local laws requiring employers to provide paid sick time are proliferating. Four states-California, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Oregon-and Washington, D.C., currently mandate paid sick time, while at least one county and 17 cities have enacted similar laws.
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 Shut Up! Why Are Some Workplaces Now So Noisy, And What Can You Do?
Employers are trying to make their facilities conducive to productivity-and wellness. Some workplaces have been restructured to remove cubicles (to foster collaboration) and wall treatments and carpeting (to let in natural light and lessen allergens). However, these positively motivated changes may be at odds with something else that is detrimental to productivity-noise!
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 3 Tips for Dealing With the Inevitable Departure of Key Employees
While businesses continue to evolve themselves in order to retain key employees, the fact is that this trend of regular off-boarding is not likely to change. At no time is this trend better demonstrated than in January, after all year-end quotas are met, bonuses paid and equity options vested, when we see more and more employees leaving for new opportunities.
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