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The New Year has already sprung, and it looks like 2016 will be another record employment year for leisure and hospitality industries. The Accommodations Sector of the BLS reports 20 straight months of record employment levels for hotels across the country. The Food Services Sector has had 54 straight months of record employment growth. Finally, the Healthcare and Social Assistance sector employment has grown every month this century increasing from 12.7 million employees in January 2000 to over 18.8 million as of November 2015.
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 6 Tips To Promote Employee Team Building
At a time of labor shortage and high turnover rates, hoteliers can use team building exercises to promote employee engagement and morale
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 Guest Experience Trends: What To Watch In '16
But what exactly can travelers expect in 2016 when it comes to the guest experience? HNN sought to answer that question with this virtual roundtable. We asked hotel industry folks with an array of backgrounds the following question: 
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 9 Social Media Tips For 2016
Hotel marketers have never seen such rapid and overwhelming change like the one happening in social media. However, there are ways to approach the social media universe that will help maintain perspective in the face of all that change.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Five Ways Data Will Disrupt Healthcare In 2016
With the New Year will come more disruption as leading healthcare organizations use cloud technology to transform vast amounts of data into insight and action leaving behind the antiquat-ed, reactive healthcare status quo.
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 Hospital CFOs' Top Concerns For 2016
From the effects of high-deductible health plans to how to remain profitable in the future, hospital and health system CFOs certainly face a myriad of challenges in 2016.
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 Top 10 Trends Shaping The Health Industry In 2016
Like in years past, many people will use new tools to manage their healthcare expenses, and clinicians will learn to work in new ways, incorporating insights obtained from data analyses into their treatment plans.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Six New Year's Resolutions for Employers
Specifically, they're for all those employers out there who haven't yet figured out that work doesn't always have to be drudgery, that turnover doesn't always have to be sky-high, and that it's not only possible for a more humane work environment to co-exist with profits, it's probable.
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 8 Simple Ways to Communicate Better This Year
As we roll into 2016, it's clear that a trend has become a pandemic - millions now speak and write in the workplace with an alarming lack of clarity, grammar and graciousness.
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 2015 HR messes and how to learn from them
Consider these Key Lessons from Recent HR Fiascos that O.C. Tanner's 499235312 -- fiascosDavid Sturt and Todd Nordstrom posted on their company blog a while back some good reminders heading into the new year
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