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An employee compensation plan should provide a competitive wage and reward employees fairly and equitably for behaviors while accomplishing goals and objectives for the organization. Compensation is the reward an employee receives in return for his or her contribution to the organization.  Basic components of a compensation package include base salary, incentives, and benefits. 
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 Disruption Is The New Normal
Airbnb and other sharing-economy sites are changing the way some consumers think about accommodations. Online travel sites continue to change the landscape of hotel distribution, creating new challenges for hotel marketers and revenue strategists.
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 Marriott CEO: Job Cuts at Combined Starwood-Marriott Will Start at the Top
Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson appeared on Fox Business News' Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo to talk jobs, growth, and his company's impending merger with Starwood Hotels and Resorts.
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 How Hotels Can Surprise and Delight on a Budget
I travelled all the way from Australia to Los Angeles recently for work and pleasure mixed together. As a travel industry professional, I get to experience travel and tourism product from across the spectrum, from budget to deluxe. It is the mid-range 2 to 3 star hotels and motels I find the most uninspiring and disappointing.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 10 Industry Leaders' Uncensored Reactions To Top Healthcare Subjects
Ever wonder what healthcare leaders are really thinking? We tapped 10 guests at our 4th Annual CEO Roundtable + CFO/CIO Roundtable in Chicago to hear their knee-jerk reactions to 10 topics. We asked them to give the first thought that comes to mind after hearing each of the following words:
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 15 From 2015: Stories That Defined The Year
What happened in 2015?  Things spiked, like the price for a Daraprim pill, which grew 5,000 percent overnight.  Things stopped, like low-volume surgeries at three prestigious academic medical centers.  Some things exceeded estimates, such as the price of EHR rollouts, while others fell short, such as the acuity of the physician shortage.
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 5 Steps To Staging And Integrating A Population Health Program
As our healthcare system moves from focusing primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of acute disease toward a better balance between managing both acute and chronic disease and maintaining the health and wellbeing of defined populations, it is imperative that healthcare organizations make the planning process of building a population health infrastructure a strategic priority.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 What Do Other Executives Think Of HR?
It appears that most corporate executives have a slightly more generous view of their colleagues in HR than the one popularized by Michael Scott from "The Office."
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 The Brilliant Strategy Michelin Uses To Keep Its Best Employees From Quitting
Recognizing that workers often quit or become unproductive when they feel stuck or bored in their roles, Michelin encourages employees to move around frequently within the company. The result is an incredibly high 97% retention rate.
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 Six Companies That Are Redefining Performance Management
Head over to Google and search for the term, "performance review," and you'll be instantly flooded by news stories on the latest companies to do away with it. My guess is that half the Fortune 500 will kill annual rankings and reviews by 2017.
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