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Differences in knowledge, skill, ability, effort or responsibility provide a legitimate basis for differences in pay among employees doing the same work. However, these factors can be difficult to validate or prove, and therefore you will need to rely on the data that is readily available including:
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 Study Finds Guests Are Increasingly Willing to Share Data in Exchange for Personalized Hotel Service
While most travelers hold no loyalty to a particular hotel brand, hoteliers can change that reality by offering a more personalized guest experience, according to a November 2015 study commissioned by Sabre Hospitality Solutions and conducted by Forrester Consulting.
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 PKF Hospitality Research Extends Record U.S. Occupancy Forecast Through 2017
"The fundamental characteristics of the economy remain relatively unchanged, as the labor market continues to improve and GDP growth remains steady if moderate," said R. Mark Woodworth, senior managing director of PKF-HR.
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 Capture a Customer's Interest When They Call For Rates
When deployed effectively, smart marketing is about targeting customers with specific offers and a personalized approach that appeals to their unique preferences and requirements.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 Solving Healthcare Staffing Challenges over the Holidays
How can healthcare providers ensure they have the staffing in place to deliver optimal patient care during the holiday season? Seasonal staffing challenges maybe more acute this year than in the past because of growing demand for healthcare services and increasing shortages of healthcare professionals.
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 Nurse Retirement Surge Coming Soon: AMN Survey
A majority of baby-boomer nurses say they are considering retirement now that the economy has improved, and most say they will retire within three years, according to a survey of nearly 9,000 nurses by the Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals at AMN Healthcare.
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 Which Physician Specialties Are Sued For Malpractice Most Often?
More than half (59 percent) of physicians recently surveyed have been named in at least one malpractice suit during their career, according to the "Medscape Malpractice Report 2015: Why Most Doctors Get Sued."
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Why Exit Plans Are Better Than Retention Plans
I'm becoming more and more convinced that if you want to build an organization that can sustain high performance over a long period of time you need to encourage your top performers to leave your organization. No, that's not a typo, I did in fact say "encourage your top performers to leave."
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 5 HR Jobs of the Future
The year is 2025. Do you know who is in your HR department? To find out, take a look at these five far-out job descriptions recently developed by a group of top CHROs and thought leaders as part of Project CHREATE (The Global Consortium to Reimagine HR, Employment Alternatives, Talent, and the Enterprise)
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 3 Destructive Employee Syndromes No Boss Can Tolerate
After nearly 30 years of managing employees, hiring employees, and coaching other people's employees, I can tell you there are three "syndromes" that will, without fail, make you wish you'd avoided employees altogether.
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