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Once the company values and desired culture are defined, compensation can support and help drive the values and corporate culture.  It is important that the role of compensation in an organization and the compensation strategy are also defined.  For example, where does the organization want to set pay levels in comparison to the competitive market? 
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 Let's Muse On Likely Marriott/Starwood Changes
Everyone would expect that if the deal is finalized some brands will go, some hotels from one brand will be absorbed into others and some hotels will be eased out of the portfolio.
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 Hyatt Tests Facebook Messenger as a Customer Service Channel
Hyatt has been offering customer service on social platforms since 2009, including private messaging through the company's Facebook pages, and it has become the first travel  company to test doing so through Facebook's Businesses on Messenger.
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 Sustainability: Do Guests Want Green Hotels?
The question "Do guests want green hotels?" is provocative. Most people would respond with "Yes, of course!" But do they also accept that it takes longer to - 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 The US Ebola Price Tag: 5 Things To Know
Congress passed an emergency appropriation for fiscal year 2015 to support ongoing efforts, a significantly larger amount than it allotted for SARS and avian influenza, according to KFF.  Now, a year later, the outbreak is winding down, but much of this funding remains. KFF provided an update on how funds have been spent on Ebola support and what remains.
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 Startup Insider: Smart Scheduling
Chris Moses, cofounder and CEO of Smart Scheduling, was a neuroscience student at MIT looking for a way to have a broad impact on healthcare when he attended a hackathon at the school in 2012. It was at that event, called Hacking Medicine, where he heard a physician pose the problem he would eventually design a company to address.
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 12 Steps To The Perfect Health System
Mark Britnell, the chairman and partner of the Global Health Practice at auditing firm KPMG. He's spent the last five years working in 60 countries to help governments and public and private sector organizations with operations, strategy and policy. He writes that if he found the perfect health system, it would feature 12 components and look something like this:
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Facebook Makes Paid Time Off For Baby Leave A Global Benefit
Facebook currently offers four months of paid parental leave to U.S.-based full-time workers. Outside the United States, Facebook now offers a minimum of four months of paid leave to full-time employees who are new mothers and primary caregivers. Fathers and non-primary caregivers outside the United States get four weeks of paid leave.
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 6 Important Tips for Giving Constructive Criticism
It's the time of year for performance reviews and evaluations. As I started reviews last week with my senior managers, I started thinking about how best to deliver negative or critical information.
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 Tracking Employee Happiness Can Help Reduce Turnover
Tracking employees' satisfaction and identifying the reasons for attrition are key steps for minimizing turnover.
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