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Human resources deals with a variety of ethical challenges that if not handled properly can damage a company's reputation, lead to serious legal issues and potentially high cost impact to an organization.  For example, discrimination issues, sexual harassment and unfair employment policies can damage a company's reputation as well as have severe financial impact. 
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 NYC Hoteliers Report Modest Airbnb Impact
A new report states that Airbnb has cost New York City hotels an estimated $451 million in lost revenue over the past 12 months, but some hoteliers' experiences don't sync up. 
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 The New Nutrition - Entomophagy (Insects)!
Things are changing and wellness is exploding. Crossfit, sleep, farmers market, organic, alternative medicine and healing are words that hardly no one knew 10 years ago. 
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 Human Trafficking and the Hospitality Industry
Throughout the world, human traffickers use hotels and other hospitality locations to kidnap and exploit their victims, many of whom are children.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 CMS Finalizes Physician Fee Schedule For 2016: 10 Things To Know
CMS released its final 2016 payment rule for physicians on Friday, which includes a provision that will establish payment rates for end-of-life care planning.
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 Holidays In The Hospital: How To Make Hospitals Feel More Like Home
Thanks to the famous song, everyone knows that "there's no place like home for the holidays." But for millions of hospitalized patients and the healthcare workers who care for them, being in their home for the holidays simply isn't an option.
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 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Training Millennials
With millennials now holding one in three jobs in America, employers must find inventive new ways to train this generation of employees, according to Forbes.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Obama Orders Federal Employers To 'Ban The Box'
Among a series of initiatives meant to help promote the reintegration of former prisoners, President Obama on Monday is expected to announce an executive order to prevent federal employers from asking about a potential employee's criminal history.
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 Formalizing Flexible-Work Policies
A new survey finds 67 percent of managers offer flexibility to employees at their own discretion, but experts say a formal company flex policy is needed to avoid workplace inequities. Does your organization need a formal flexible-work policy?
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 How to Move Past Participation Incentives in Your Corporate Wellness Program
With the average ROI of corporate wellness programs being three times that of the program cost, the desire to get employees involved in these programs comes as no surprise. To encourage participation, many companies offer incentives to motivate employee participation-but if employees need an incentive to participate, how engaged are they in the program?
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