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By definition, a tipped employee customarily and regularly receives more than $30 per month in tips.  Under federal law and in most states, employers may pay tipped employees a base wage of less than the minimum wage as long as it does not fall below the tip minimum wage and employees must receive enough in tips so that their hourly rate plus tips received equals at least the regular minimum wage.  The difference between the regular minimum wage and the hourly rate in which the employer pays is called a "tip credit",
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Home To Hotels
Hospitality trends are often birthed in our homes, or neighborhoods. This week, I am taking a look at a few that are not only blog-worthy, but thanks to their momentum, they may very well appear in hospitality in the not so distant future.  
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Hoteliers Strong At Corporate Rate Table
Hoteliers say they're coming to the corporate rate negotiation table in a position of strength, although their projected increases are below that of at least one national forecast.    
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Brand Standards Drive Record CapEx Spending
Hoteliers are on track to spend a record $6.4 billion on capital expenditures by year end, according to a new survey. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
25 Quotes That Show Just How Fed Up Physicians Are With EHRs
More than half of the physicians who bill Medicare in the U.S. are currently being penalized 1 percent of their 2015 payments as a result of the meaningful use program, according to Steven J. Stack, MD, president of the American Medical Association. 
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The Two Words You Need To Say More In Your Hospital
At a basic level, showing appreciation for others is expected. However, when gratitude is internalized - when it becomes a central element of who you are - it has extremely positive effects on individuals' personal and professional lives as well as workplace culture.
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Chuck Lauer: The Patient Experience Revolution Has Arrived
It's becoming increasingly obvious to me that healthcare is entering a completely new world - one in which the patient experience is absolutely paramount.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
The Talent Shortage In Recruiting
Automated recruiting systems don't work well because you can't automate human judgment about other people. Loads of start-up automated recruiting systems (and the venture folks behind them) would disagree. 
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Nationwide's Unusual Practice Of On-The-Spot Hiring
The mutual insurance company hires on-site at multicultural MBA conferences.
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Leaders Should Make Time For Empathy
Empathetic leaders do one thing really well: they see multiple perspectives with authenticity. One simple way to do this is to remember what things were like when you were an employee.
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