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Every organization uses its own methods of analyzing and applying salary survey results.  Different surveys are used for different purposes.  Some emphasize industry data, while others look more to geographic competitors.  Some salary surveys look closer at organizations that match their size in in terms of revenue or number of employees.  Diversity, in analyzing survey results can reflect the flexibility of the compensation manager to adjust their analysis to deal with a variety of circumstances. 
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Early Adopters Keen On Keyless Entry
Hoteliers who have been early adopters of using smartphones in place of room keys say the process of adopting the new technology has gone well so far. 
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Expedia and Orbitz Are Merging. Here's What It Means For You.
Expedia has won approval from antitrust officials to acquire rival Orbitz Thursday, a $1.3 billion deal that some consumer advocates and hotel associations feared would lead to higher prices for consumers and make it harder for small hotels and bed-and-breakfasts to survive.
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Hotels Build Buzz With One-Liquor Bars
Hotel bars choosing to specialize in one type of liquor have seen strong social media buzz, higher local-patron footfall and higher profits. To your (P&L) health!  
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Top Stories: Healthcare
5 Latest Healthcare Industry Lawsuits, Settlements
From a Florida hospital district agreeing to pay $69.5 million to settle Stark Law and False Claims Act allegations to a California hospital suing Los Angeles County over trauma center funds, here are the latest healthcare industry lawsuits and settlements making headlines. 
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Why Healthcare Executives Should Take Note Of The DOJ's Recent Memo
A recent memo by the U.S. Department of Justice shows the government is taking a strong stance on pursuing healthcare executives involved in fraud allegations.
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The Common Mistake Bosses Make - And A Tip To Avoid It
Here's a tip: The ratio of the amount of times a leader asks an open-ended question to the amount of time he or she makes a directive statement should be high, often somewhere around 10 to 1, according to HBR.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
How to convince your company it's time for a social recognition program
By now, you've heard the news: employee engagement is a huge challenge for the modern workforce. As a result, businesses are dealing with high turnover rates, absenteeism, low performance numbers, and loss of customers.
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The Unsexy Fundamentals of Great HR
We disagree, however, with both the premise that HR needs to be completely overthrown and the solutions proposed to achieve this. We believe that it is much easier to propose dramatic re-invention and trendy new practices than it is to execute the sometimes boring fundamentals of great HR. 
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Zappos May Herald The Emergence Of A New, More Democratic Kind Of Organization
This spring, by order of the CEO, Tony Hsieh, the company abolished managers, eliminated job titles, denounced its own organizational hierarchy, and vested all authority in a 10,000-word constitution that spells out a radical new system of self-governance.
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