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A compensation package can include more than salary and bonus.  It can include health and welfare benefits, retirement plan, leave benefits and various other benefits and perks.  Companies that offer a mix of salary and incentives have the highest employee morale and productivity. 
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Sheraton Points To Its Actions
Sheraton Hotels & Resorts is launching a new, $100 million multi-channel marketing effort centered on the line "Where actions speak louder,"  
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Genre Hotels Launches Mobile Check-In, Guest Engagement Platform
Add Genre Hotels to the long list of hospitality companies and brands that are focusing on delivering a mobile-friendly and personalized stay for their guests these days.
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Hotels wanted for new Cornell benchmarking study
Hotels are being asked to participate in the third annual industry study of sustainability performance benchmarking of energy, water, and carbon emissions.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
California Lawmakers Approve Right-To-Die Legislation
California lawmakers gave final approval Friday to a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to legally end their lives.  The measure faces an uncertain future with Gov. Jerry Brown, a former Jesuit seminarian who has not said whether he will sign it.
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Operating In The Public Eye: Life After The Surgeon Scorecard
A database released in July arguably changed the dynamics of the surgical profession. When the performance of more than 16,000 surgeons became easily searchable online, surgery was suddenly a public-facing profession.
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12 Physicians, CEOs And Nurses On A Tough Professional Moment
Healthcare leaders encounter challenges on a daily basis. Although some are easy to overcome, others take a more substantial toll on not only the leader, but his or her team and organization.  From changing relationships with colleagues to handling layoffs to protecting their employees and patients during national disasters, these men and women have put their leadership to the test.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Are You A Micromanager Or A Macromanager?
Micromanager. It's one of the least flattering labels one can be tagged with in business today. It connotes an unproductive level of involvement in the work and work products, excessive need for control, nit-pickiness, attention to unnecessary details and a generally unpleasant overall workplace experience.
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Parental Leave in the Workplace Jungle
From the employee's perspective, expanded parental leave seems like a beautiful thing. Here's my question: Is it possible these programs can actually work as planned, even with the best of intentions by the employers?
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Overtime Crisis Nearing: 6 Steps To Avoid Pitfalls
The time to start prepping is now, since the overtime rules will affect your budget and staffing plans for the 2016 calendar year.  And even without the final rules in hand yet, there are steps employers would be wise to take now to brace for them.
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