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Many hoteliers have employees that operate in two or more job functions. This could an employee who is a housekeeper during the first shift and a maintenance technician in the second shift, for example. In the hospitality industry, all hours worked for the same employer, which is defined as the management company and not simply the specific hotel property, must be added together to determine if total hours work exceed 40 hours in the workweek.
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U.S. Hotel Supply Breaks 5 Million-Room Mark
The number of available rooms in U.S. hotels surpassed 5 million for the first time, according to STR.
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How A Boutique Hotel is Revolutionizing Free Wi-Fi
According to a recent survey conducted by Hotels.com, free Wi-Fi is at the top of most business travelers' must-have list. When asked to name the most important hotel perk, 50 percent of business travelers who responded said "free Wi-Fi." "Free breakfast," meanwhile, only earned 12 percent of the vote.
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Las Vegas' Cosmopolitan Hotel Finally Reports a Profit
For the first time since opening in 2010, The Cosmopolitan hotel-casino posted a quarterly profit.  The Las Vegas Strip high-rise earned $15.3 million during its second quarter compared to losing $13.6 million a year ago. 
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40 Financial Benchmarks For Hospital Executives
Here are 40 benchmarks related to one of the most important day-to-day areas hospital executives oversee - finance.
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Millennials And Healthcare: 25 Things To Know
There is a lot of talk about the impact the aging baby boomer population is going to have on the healthcare industry, but many trends are being driven by another sect of the population: millennials.  
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Leading By Example: Q&A With St. Joseph's CEO Ben Koppelman
St. Joseph's is a 25-bed critical access hospital located in a city of 3,000 in northern Minnesota. The city is 190 miles from Minneapolis and 22 miles from Itasca State Park, which contains the headwaters of the Mississippi River.  Here Mr. Koppelman discusses his prior experiences, critical access hospitals and being a young leader.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
The Mid- Year Review Process - Some Suggestions to Make It Better
If you are anything like me, you loathe this process, where you are forced to offer feedback confined in a company matrix and spend more time filling out forms and going through long approval processes than actually talking to your employees. I think we'd all be better off without the formal processes and instead putting our energy toward continuous coaching.
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Work Policies May Be Kinder, but Brutal Competition Isn't
This phenomenon was the focus of a recent New York Times article about workplace practices at Amazon. In the article, some current and former employees complained of 80-hour work weeks, interrupted vacations, co-worker sabotage and little tolerance even for those struggling with life-threatening illnesses or family tragedies.
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Data-Crunching Is Coming to Help Your Boss Manage Your Time
But as work force management becomes a factor in offices everywhere, questions are piling up. How much can bosses ratchet up intensity? How does data, which bestows new powers of vision and understanding, redefine who is valuable? And with half of salaried workers saying they work 50 or more hours a week, when does working very hard become working way too much?
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