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Employers need to ensure they count all worked hours as paid hours for their non-exempt staff. For example, when an employee eats lunch at their workstation or desk and their lunch is interrupted by work such as answering phones or email, the employee is working and must be paid for that time because the employee has not been completely relieved from duty.
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Always Be Ready To Grab Group Business
However, hospitality also is an illusion that I truly believe in. To a degree, hospitality can be likened to putting on a show but with added excellent service and chocolates on your pillow.
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Two Digital Disruptors Hurting Hotels
In an industry with so many variables, one thing is certain: Hoteliers are woefully inadequate when it comes to technological innovation. And that makes the impact felt by the so-called disruptors all the more disruptive 
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Leisure Travel Heats Up; Hotels See Benefits
"We now have the largest pool in the U.S. of leisure travelers since prerecession," Marcello Gasdia, director of consumer research at Phocuswright, said during a webinar discussing the company's soon-to-be-released research data on leisure travel. 
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How Local Businesses Impact Population Health: 3 Things To Know
The health of the business workforce could have a significant impact on the overall health of the community in which it is located, according to a study conducted by the Vitality Institute and supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
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Top 15 Highest Paying States And Cities For RNs
Here are the top five highest paying states and top 10 highest paying metropolitan areas for RNs, according to an infographic published by Philadelphia-based Drexel University.
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Millennials And Healthcare: 25 Things To Know
There is a lot of talk about the impact the aging baby boomer population is going to have on the healthcare industry, but many trends are being driven by another sect of the population: millennials.
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Health and Safety Go Together Like
When it comes to employee health, disease management and prevention get most of the attention. But occupational safety should be an integral part of any wellness strategy, according to experts who developed guidance to help employers integrate their health and safety programs.
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What Healthcare Insurance Reform Issues Should Employers Be Focusing On Now?
Many interested parties were waiting to see what would happen in the case and may have even slowed down their ACA compliance planning. So what's new with the law, and what are the things that employers need to be thinking about now?
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Is A Candidate's Commute Too Long To Hire Them? 4 Red Flags
You probably know that hiring a worker with a long commute can be a risk - but you may not realize just how badly a commute can impact retention. 
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