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Job descriptions describe the major duties and responsibilities of a position or job and are an essential part of hiring and managing employees. They are tools to help your applicants and employees understand their roles and accountabilities.  They can be used to establish a training checklist for new incumbents, as guideposts in the performance appraisal process and as market benchmarks for compensation surveys.  Job descriptions are not required by law however, they can provide evidence of the essential functions of a job for purposes of complying with federal employment laws.   

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Wellness In The 21st Century
Hotels are rapidly discovering an underserved niche in wellness that aims to not only enlighten guests with better bodily self-awareness, exercise routines and dietary regimens but also enrich one's health based upon one's own DNA. 
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What Business Travelers Want From Hotels
Technology-related items top the wish lists for business travelers, with hotels in many cases already having the foundations in place to accommodate them, according to a survey from the GBTA Foundation.  
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The Art Of Making Sweet Hotel Music
Music has always been crucial to W's hip, upscale brand. The Starwood chain even produces its own original albums and holds DJ contests. According to the Wall Street Journal, more hotels are picking up what the W is putting down, because as W has shown, music can set the mood of not just the lobby, but the entire brand.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
9 Things For Hospitals To Know About The NOTICE Act
The NOTICE Act, or Notice of Observation Treatment and Implication for Care Eligibility Act, would require hospitals nationwide to inform Medicare patients when they are receiving care under observation status.
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The Difference Between Producers And Performers
Most companies have a definition in mind when they think of an employee with great potential: Someone who is intelligent, charismatic, has strong verbal skills and the ability to both work as a member of a team and as a leader. While many organizations want top talent, they fail to see and promote another kind of leader - the producer. 
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Healthcare's Silent Shortage
Psychiatrists were the third most-requested type of physician to recruit, behind family medicine physicians and internists. Much of this demand stems from a larger need for behavioral health professionals, as the nation's 30,088 psychiatrists in practice must collectively care for the nearly 13.6 million adults living with a serious mental illness. 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Face Your Fears To Lead Your Team Forward
Good leadership begins when you face your fears and those of your employees, writes Dan Rockwell. The key is to distinguish between cowardice, which must be overcome, and reasoned resistance, which must be engaged with and navigated beyond. "Fearful leaders say, 'It seems like a good idea,' but won't commit," he writes. 
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4 Employee Retention Tips For Returning Military Veterans
Because a veteran's military skills are often easily translatable to a civilian job, you should have no trouble finding skilled veteran candidates. The biggest challenge to veterans in transition is often the cultural shift from a hierarchical system to a collaborative and widely disbursed leadership. 
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How To Fix The Most Common Hiring Mistakes
Most employers design jobs from the standpoint "What list of tasks can we give the new employee?" They don't think about the hiring process as a sales process, even though it is.
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