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The proposed updated and revised regulations, as issued by the Department of Labor on 6 July under the Fair Labor Standards Act, would directly affect an estimated 4.8 million workers who are now exempt under the EAP (or so-called "white collar" exemption), but would fall under the proposed 40th percentile of earnings for full-time salaried workers ($50,440 in 2016 dollars). The rules also would automatically update the salary level in future years based on 40th percentile of earnings in the workplace or on inflationary change. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Independent Collection Aims For Steady Growth
Over the past two years, Independent Collection (IC) has doubled in size. As part of HHM, an operator of select-service hotel brands in the United States, IC consists exclusively of boutique hotels in culturally rich and unique neighborhoods in large cities.
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How Is Technology Changing The Experience Of Staying In A Hotel?
From mobile concierges to virtual reality vacation experiences to wearable keycards, technology is changing travel in a big way - including the hotel experience. While there are certainly things we miss about travel before the internet, properties wanting to succeed best keep up with the trends. Here's how they're doing it:
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Growing Lifestyle Segment Faces Challenges
Lifestyle hotels might be lodging option du jour for investors, operators and consumers, but they aren't immune from some of the challenges facing the rest of the hotel industry.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
10 Things To Know About The New Healthcare Spending Projections
CMS' Office of the Actuary Tuesday announced health spending in 2014 totaled $3.1 trillion. Here are 10 things to know about the report and how experts are reacting to the latest numbers and forecasts about health expenditures.
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11 Most Interesting Developments In Health IT This Year
From an unprecedented number of data breaches to new regulatory guidelines to one of the costliest EHR implementations to date, 2015 has been an active year in the health IT sphere. The year is only halfway through, but here are 11 of the most interesting developments in health IT so far. 
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Chuck Lauer: How are you combating the "weekend effect?"
When I drop by a hospital on a weekend, I often see fewer cars in the employee parking lot than on a weekday. This is called "the weekend effect," which is a well-documented problem.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Companies Have Found Something To Give Their Workers Instead Of Raises
Once a staple of the American workplace, the annual raise is turning into a relic of the pre-crisis economy as companies turn to creative - and cheaper - ways to compensate their employees.
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The Uberification of HR
Whatever phrase you prefer to describe the recent surge in the amount and influence of companies like Uber; Lyft; Upwork; and scores of others, this trend towards a more fundamental change in how we view work; employment; and the nature of the relationship between "employers" and "employees" (using air quotes because who knows what these words mean anymore) seems to be showing no signs of abating. 
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Court Draws The Line On What Is - And Isn't - A Disability
The Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act so expanded the definition of a disability that just about anything's considered a disability these days. Just not what this employee was trying to sell to a California court.
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