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An employee's experience during their first few days will affect the rest of their tenure. It is critical to begin with an effective, positive and fun new hire orientation for the future success of your new employees.  Even before the employees hire date, you can make a positive impact with a call to the employee two or three days before their start date, welcoming them, letting them know what time to arrive and what they can expect during their first day and first week on the job.  Studies show that a well-planned orientation can contribute to length of employment, better work attitudes, more effective communication and fewer mistakes.  Your new hire orientation is your chance to set a positive tone for a hopefully long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.  

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
3 Great Examples of True Traveler Engagement
I think we have lost the essence of what true engagement should be. I fully understand that different travelers require a different level of service. Some may want to use their mobile device as the only way to interact with the airline or hotel, and others may want a higher level of service. 
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Slots Remain Important Cog In Nevada's Gaming Industry
Although Nevada casinos don't make nearly as much money from slots as they did before the recession hit, the machines are starting to make a comeback.
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The Rise of Lifestyle Hotels and the Culture Driving Them
Much of the appeal of these well-designed properties is the expectation of a branded guest experience. Front-line staff become brand ambassadors who are as responsible for assisting guests and perpetuating the brand through their words and actions. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
4 Ways Hospitals Can Cut Wasteful, Unnecessary Care And Improve Patient Outcomes
Due to the country's pay-for-services care model, Pearl says physicians have a "perverse incentive" to provide the most aggressive, expensive care possible, even in situations where a "wait-and-see" approach or less invasive care plan would work better.
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Nurse Scheduling Problems Solved by Predictive Analytics
Surveys of nurse attitudes reveal a striking paradox. Nurses declare the highest career satisfaction of almost any profession - nurses love being nurses. But when asked about their own particular jobs, satisfaction rates drop by about 20%.
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Focusing Population Health Efforts To Build Future Value: 5 Steps
Tackling population health is an immense goal, so provider networks should focus their initial efforts on near-term goals, according to tips published in the most recent issue of the Kurt Salmon Review, the publication of the global management consulting firm Kurt Salmon.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Why DOL's New OT Rules May Not Increase Pay
The DOL has said it expects its new overtime exemption rule changes to make roughly 4.6 million workers eligible for OT, resulting in bigger paychecks. But is that really what's going to happen?  Talk to just about anyone who's not in the Obama Administration, and the answer you'll get is "no."
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Don't Make These 5 Fatal HR Benefits Communication Mistakes
Over the past decade, we've seen a trend of HR departments diversifying their benefits vendors in an effort to mitigate rising costs and give their employees the choice and flexibility they crave. This diversification definitely provides value, but it also leads to significant communication challenges.
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EEOC's New Pregnancy Guidance Boils Down To Doing One Thing Right
For the second time in the past year, the EEOC has issued new guidance on how to treat pregnant employees. And while the guidance is massive, the agency could've saved employers a lot of headaches by simply saying this ...
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