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Last week Monday, in a 6-0 decision, the Colorado Supreme Court affirmed the lower courts' rulings that employers (in Colorado) do not violate the law when terminating an employee who uses medical marijuana, off duty, and then tests positive under the employer's "zero tolerance drug policy."  With the lower courts' decisions upheld, Colorado became the first state to tackle this issue, and most certainly it will have an influence on future cases across the nation in this area. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Experienced GM Values His Complainers
"If I go to work and nothing happens, I am disappointed," he said. "If no one complains, I can't make any friends. If someone complains, there is a 99.9% chance they will become your best customer. They come with a complaint, you grab it and fix it and they become your best customer." 
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How Guests Choose Hotels During Online Booking
Two hospitality professors aimed to find out, looking beyond clickstream analysis by using eye tracking to discover why consumers choose a specific hotel. 
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Record US Results Set Stage For More Growth
The U.S. hotel industry is posting all-time high performance benchmarks, setting the stage for further growth, said STR's Amanda Hite at the NYU Investment Conference.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Surgical Never Events
One way to solve this problem in the operating room once and for all is to eliminate distractions and adopt best practices followed by the aviation industry--basically turning the operating room into a cockpit 
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Finding The Right Mix For Your Healthcare Workforce
In the current era of transformation for healthcare, hospitals and health systems must improve quality while also containing costs. Since the workforce represents one of a hospital's highest cost, and also carries out patient care, the proper mix of core and contingent staffing is vital for optimal efficiency and effectiveness.
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The U.S. Economy Can't Hire Health-Care Workers Fast Enough

Somebody call a doctor.  Job openings in the healthcare industry soared in April to a new record high in more than 14 years of data, while hiring barely budged. It's great news for industry professionals who are seeking work or a pay raise.

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Top Stories: Human Resources
5 'Gotchas' That Could Derail an HCM Project
When implementing a new human capital management (HCM) system, HR teams often underestimate the importance of five fundamental project planning and execution activities. These oversights can have disastrous consequences.
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California Says An Uber Driver Deserves To Be Paid Like A Full-Time Employee
The ride-hailing app, whose profitability depends in part on treating its drivers as independent contractors without healthcare or other benefits, is now being forced to classify one California driver as an employee. California's Labor Commission made the ruling, according to a filing this week.
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Why Managers Should Stop Focusing On Their Best Employees
"A-players will be top producers on their own," he says. "Managers need to produce a strong team around the A-players who can step off the bench and into the game at any given moment. Managers need to spend most of their time with the B-players."
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