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There are two competing economic theories for what determines wage levels in the marketplace. The classic model is based on long run lasting effects from the expansion and contraction of the economic cycle which in turn drive wage rates; essentially tying wages to supply and demand for labor over time. The alternative model, which has been gaining support since the 1990s, is that wage levels are driven by what economists call "contemporaneous conditions". Economists generally agree that the present condition of the economy is the primary factor in determining wage levels. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
3 Ways The Hotel Industry Is Changing
With the industry hitting on all cylinders, it can be difficult to find things to be concerned about.  Difficult, but not impossible it turns out, as top leaders from around the industry discussed their biggest concerns in this part of the cycle.
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AH&LA Urges Fair Competition in Hotel Booking Following Florida Supreme Court Decision
The Supreme Court of Florida yesterday issued its opinion on a case brought by Alachua County, Florida against Expedia. The American Hotel & Lodging Association (AH&LA) issued the following statement regarding the decision:   
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Another Take on Hospitality Trends for 2015
"The rise of this digital traveler requires the hotel industry to balance the expectation of the personalization while enhancing the need to remain independent." Providing WOW experiences and service is what will maintain their repeat business.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
50 Things To Know About Healthcare Costs
Total healthcare spending is expected to rise again this year and hospital prices are continually growing. From an aging population to Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandates, there are a number of factors influencing healthcare costs in the U.S.
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OSHA Doubles Down On Efforts To Curb Nurse Injuries
Amid recent reports that chronicled the high rates of workplace injuries among nurses, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) plans to ramp up its regulatory efforts in the healthcare industry, Healthcare Finance News reports.
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How Hospitals Can Kill Us
Imagine an institution where the occupants are routinely left immobile, deprived of sleep and fed a diet that is tasteless and nutritionally marginal. Imagine further that they experience the indignity of losing any semblance of privacy and get stuck multiple times a day with needles.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Dealing With Demotions From HR's Perspective
"A demotion could be like a termination," Witzel said. "You're adversely changing somebody's terms and conditions of employment, so you are still subject to employment discrimination laws. Because of what's at stake, you can get sued and an employee can bring a discrimination charge against you." 
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Best Practice: Employer-Sponsored Clinics Cut Healthcare Costs
One year after opening near-site primary health clinics for its employees and their family members, Lacks Enterprises reports a 35% reduction in employee payroll contributions, and increased employee engagement in managing their health.
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FLSA Stifles Work Flexibility, HR Director Testifies
"SHRM remains concerned about the challenges presented by the FLSA." One of the main concerns is its impact on workplace flexibility, including comp time, the biweekly workweek and working remotely, she noted.  
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