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Maintaining a salary structure that aligns with the organization's pay philosophy and is competitive to the labor market is imperative for any organization. Most organizations update their salary structure every one to two years, as budget permits.  However, during the recent recession, some organizations chose not to increase their salary structures for cost containment and/or a lack of competitive pressure to do so.  For 2015, the stronger U.S. economy and increased employer confidence should continue to bolster job gains, and economists expect the previously sluggish wage growth to finally accelerate.  Whether or not you've adjusted your salary structure during the past few years, it is certainly time to do so now. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Real US Profit, Revenue Records In Sight
As national hotel occupancies stretch to record levels, average daily rates continue to surge-to all-time highs in nominal dollar terms.  However, in inflation-adjusted (real) terms, the national average daily rate in 2014 was about the same level it was in 1999 and 2006.   
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The Generation Thing
Too often we find generational differences used to explain and excuse behavior or conflict. Whilst there may well be nothing wrong with all of this, it can sometimes mask and even undermine a management and leadership opportunity.
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Employee Dissatisfaction With the Current State of Incentive Compensation Plans in the Hotel Industry
Hotel sales and revenue management teams are accountable for delivering profitable business to their properties. Incentive compensation is an important motivational tool for these roles, but a new study uncovers significant employee dissatisfaction with the current state of incentive compensation plans in the hotel industry.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
7 Common Pitfalls Of Innovation Efforts
In the healthcare industry, hospitals and health systems are constantly looking for innovative ways to expand their marketability to consumers and engage technology to help them gain a competitive edge. In the age of consumer-run healthcare, failure to successfully implement innovative ideas can prevent organizations from reaching their full potential.
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5 Thoughts From Kaiser Permanente CEO Bernard Tyson On The Future Of US Healthcare
Bernard J. Tyson, chairman and CEO of Oakland, Calif.-based Kaiser Permanente recently told Fortune he is more optimistic about the U.S. healthcare system now than ever been before, despite the possible dissolution of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and other challenges.  
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Revamping Hospital RCM Using Outsourcing, Insourcing Or Something In-Between
The pressure to update RCM systems is strong, and hospital CFOs, especially those at financially distressed hospitals, are definitely feeling the heat. In fact, according to a Black Book survey, 61 percent of CFOs who self-identified their hospitals as struggling foresee being fired by 2016 because RCM, staff and solutions were stuck in fee-for-service mode too long.  
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Why Offices Need Gossip
Conventional thinking about workplace friendships is that they are appropriate only "up until a point," and that there should be a line between "work" and "life." Yet more and more companies are actually encouraging social interaction as new evidence emerges about what drives employee satisfaction.  
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The Rise Of The Self-Reliant Young Worker
"Entry-level roles are more complex and data-driven. Technology is changing rapidly. Companies expect candidates to come in with hands-on experience instead of coming in as a blank slate." 
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5 Tips To Create Effective Internal Communications With Your Team

Effective communication between a company and its employees enables businesses to fully tap into the unique knowledge, insights, and talents of its people.  Often, the benefits stretch beyond pure profit. More open discussions help build a strong community within a firm, allowing workers to feel confident and happy, and to outperform expectations at their roles.

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