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The question of whether or not to share salary grades and ranges with employees continues to be debated.  Some companies provide their salary structure to all employees, some provide portions of the structure on a need to know basis, while others hold the information in the strictest of confidence. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Imagining A World Without Hotel Brands ...
During the recent Hotel Equity & Lenders Perspectives conference in Boston, Thayer Ventures' Lee Pillsbury set the tone for the event in just 10 words. "Brands aren't as valuable as they were a year ago," he said, hopefully noting the irony that his last name is itself a delicious brand.
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Sustainable Hotel Design Gaining Momentum
Often criticized for its wastefulness, the hospitality industry is making great strides in environmental consciousness. With monumental programs like the Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certification in play, many green initiatives are becoming standards rather than suggested practices. 
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How to Implement a Cyberattack Protection Plan
In the past few years, a slew of hotel chains were the victims of cybersecurity breaches totaling many millions of dollars in losses. In several instances, hackers even installed malicious software on cash registers in order to access thousands of credit and debit cards.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
5 Thoughts From Quint Studer: The Value Of Pauses, Decisiveness And Proper Timing
The founder of Pensacola, Fla.-based Studer Group took some time to share his insights about the best management advice he's ever received, the most interesting issue facing healthcare leaders today and his concerns about physician morale.
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10 States Where Physicians Earn The Most
Higher physician incomes are typically found in poorer regions and in states with fewer physicians due to government policies that attempt to improve patient access to physicians in rural areas, according to Medscape's 2015 Physician Compensation Report.
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Why The Most Effective Leaders Ask Questions Fearlessly
According to Sanyin Siang, executive director of the Coach K Center on Leadership & Ethics at Duke University's Business School, instead of striving to answer every question thrown their way, effective leaders surround themselves with people who can supplement the expertise, experience and perspectives they don't possess themselves.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Challenge: Finding - and Keeping - a Skilled Workforce
When it comes to finding talent, there's no doubt about it - we now have unprecedented access and an ever-increasing degree of sophistication. That's why the term "bad hire" should be considered an oxymoron. And, for some forward-thinking executives, it already is. 
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4 Reasons You Need A Wellness Committee
The success of any wellness program rests on getting maximum employee buy-in. And the best way to get that buy-in is with the help of a diverse group of workers.
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Why Branding is Essential to Your Future Success in Recruiting
In order for employers to stay competitive and continue to bring in the type of candidates they're looking for, it's imperative to go beyond the job posting and start looking at a total solution. What will make the difference is a unified marketing campaign that conveys your employment brand both online and in the real world. We've got to start thinking less like traditional HR pros and more like marketers.
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