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In the United States there is currently a minimum wage set at a federal level although there are states and cities that have a higher minimum wage above what the federal level is currently set at. On both sides of the argument there are passionate people who truly believe that they are correct in their beliefs. In looking at the issue, it is important to look at both sides of the argument in order to make an informed decision.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Six Proven Strategies for Investing in Your Hotel's Back of the House
Owners and operators who wait to invest in their back of the house are missing out on a clear opportunity to reduce utility costs, and in many cases are creating an equipment liability that can result in significant displacement of revenue when key building components fail.
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Updating Your Hotel Gym: 8 Ideas
Fitness and wellness are in vogue these days, and this trend isn't bound to change in the next decade. We are increasingly becoming a health-conscious society (hurry!), and with comfortable guestrooms, spas, restaurants and fitness facilities, hotels are primed to capitalize on this movement. 
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Issues Loom For Keyless Entry In Hotels
As hotel companies across the industry begin to embrace keyless entry technology, they will also need to work out the challenges that go hand in hand with such integration. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Bridging The Divide: How The Level Of Physician Engagement Can Make Or Break Your Hospital
The importance of strong physician engagement is far from new, but hospital and health system CEOs recently elevated it to the most promising means of improving performance, according to The Advisory Board Company's Annual Health Care CEO survey.
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Patient Engagement: The Responsibility Of The Patient Or The Provider? Executives Weigh In
Engaging patients with their medical care is a key piece of improving overall health and individual outcomes while reducing costs.  However, encouraging patients to be engaged comes with its own challenges. 
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How to Ensure Quality in Healthcare Staffing
As executives and managers increasingly turn to healthcare staffing and workforce solutions companies for help, they must still maintain or improve standards for quality, 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
States Offered $15 Million To Spur Disability Employment

The U.S. Department of Labor said this week that $15 million is on the table for the effort. The new funding is intended to be used by state workforce agencies to create "flexible and innovative strategies" to grow participation of people with disabilities in federally-funded job training programs.

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How To Manage Vacation Requests And Maintain Staffing In The Spring And Summer
Summer is coming and beach weather, picnics, baseball, and family outings await. After a long, hard winter, we're all looking forward to sun and fun. But not everyone can take time off. Someone has to mind the store. Staffing and ensuring attendance and performance in the lazy, hazy days of summer is not easy.
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EEOC Finally Issues Wellness Rules: 8 Things Employers Will Want To Know
The EEOC has been promising for a while now to issue rules to clear up the confusion it's created around what kinds of wellness incentives are legal - and when non-participation penalties become so steep as to render a program "involuntary" and, thus, illegal under the ADA.
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