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HC metrics are a vital way to quantify the cost and the impact of employee programs and HC processes and measure the success or failure of HC initiatives. The use of metrics on the labor force can have a positive impact on profit. Metrics can quantify the dollar impact that HC processes and actions have on business goals. The ability to illustrate trends and impacts with numbers is a very effective way for HC professionals to influence and get the support of managers and executives. Metrics can highlight inefficiencies, reduce expenses, and drive improvements and financial results.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Uber Riders Can Now Earn Free Stays At Some Of The World's Most Luxurious Hotels
Uber has launched a partnership with Starwoods Hotels & Resorts to reward its most loyal passengers.
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Do Digital Payments Affect Tipped Wages In Hospitality?
A recent survey by SoftwareAdvice queried the tipping habits of 382 people who had recently completed a transaction via an iPad point-of-sale. It turns out that 
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Hotels Are Publishing For Promoting Hotels
The term, hotel bookings, takes on a whole new meaning when a hotel, resort or inn decides to add publishing to its portfolio. A book or other publication can raise a property's profile, prove a useful marketing tool, or sometimes just make guests feel an extra measure of welcome during, or even prior to, their stay.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Successful ICD-10 Testing -Next Step to Modernize Health Care
Approximately 660 providers and billing companies submitted nearly 15,000 test claims. This successful week of testing continues to put us on course for successful implementation of this important initiative that better reflects modern practice of medicine by Oct. 1, 2015.  
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5 Remarkable Facts About The Future Of Health Care
The data revolution is already transforming the health care landscape, and if you want to help shape its future (and make a profit in the process), be prepared to capitalize on these five exciting trends: 
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The Importance Of Understanding Physician Compensation
A federal judge's 2013 order that Tuomey Healthcare System pay $237 million in fines for violations of the Stark law and the False Claims Act, which prohibit payments for referrals. A jury found that doctors' compensation from Tuomey rewarded them for referring patients to the hospital, causing Medicare claims to be tainted.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Big Data Trend Now Being Applied To Managing Human Resources
A growing number of human resources executives are starting to dig deep into computerized statistical data on employees, to make decisions regarding salaries, promotions, and even benefit programs.
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CEOs from Retailers Weigh In on Walmart Wage Increase
Walmart made a big impact with investors announcing plans to boost its hourly pay. It's a big deal for the entire industry - and quite possibly the economy. Another retailer already followed with pay hikes for its workers, apparel seller T.J. Maxx.
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Zappos Eyes 'Surge' In Bid To Pay More For Tough Shifts
When it comes to paying better wages and keeping employees invested in the company, Zappos isn't waiting for the other shoe to drop. 
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