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An employee's 'exempt' status can be jeopardized if the salary basis test rules are not followed.  The Salary Basis test provides rules regarding what pay deductions can and cannot be made to exempt employees' weekly base salary.  Generally the predetermined weekly salary cannot be reduced because of variations in the quality or quantity of the employee's work. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Regional Casino Markets Show Renewed Life
There is life in the regional casino markets.  Several states posted their best gaming revenue months in more than a year during October, fueling a boost in the stock prices of regional gaming operators.   
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Sustainability a Mainstream Issue Impacting Restaurant Industry
Sustainability in the restaurant world typically concerned how takeout and delivery options might cause recycling issues at home for consumers. However these days sustainability increasingly encompasses the food actually featured in establishment's menu just as much as it concerns what eco-friendly material the menus might be printed on.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Civil Unrest In Ferguson Tests St. Louis Area Hospitals
Though the staff in the hospital's ER understand how to deal with intake surges, the key role Harbison had Monday night was to reassure employees, patients and families that the hospital was safe and that operating as usual. Human resources staff and chaplains were on hand to assist in this mission.
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It's Time For An Answer: Is Health Care Safer Now?
This December marks the 15th anniversary of the landmark report from the National Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine that estimated up to 98,000 Americans die from preventable mistakes in hospitals every year.  It is time to know if health care is safer now.
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How Health Care Organizations Can Activate Employee Advocates
There is a growing recognition among business leaders that employees can be highly effective as brand advocates, and more and more organizations are making employee advocacy a major pillar of their social media strategies. However, within the world of healthcare, the significant business value of employee advocacy must be measured against the risks of compliance violations.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Is Benefits Benchmarking Still Relevant?

"[Benchmarking] is important because employers don't want to be under, over, or out of market. Perception is king. It's about being in the market and knowing what they need to offer. Employers are trying to take more of a wholesale view of it and know where they are."

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Why Chief Human Resources Officers Make Great CEOs
"This role is gaining importance like never before," Filler says. "It's moved away from a support or administrative function to become much more of a game changer and the person who enables the business strategy."
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One Engagement Strategy Does Not Fit All
By using the same reward systems, the same engagement tactics, the same coaching programs, you're managing your employees as if they are all the same exact person. They're not. So stop treating them like clones.
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