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Job descriptions are not required by law however, they can provide evidence of the essential functions of a job for purposes of complying with federal employment laws.   They can also be used for disability and worker's compensation claims.  It's good practice to get legal advice to ensure that your job descriptions are compliant.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
8 Concerns Facing The Hotel Industry
Robust industry fundamentals were not enough to distract hotel executives speaking during the 20th annual Lodging Conference from addressing various blips dotting their respective radars.   Potential sources of pain ranged from Ebola to the rise of limited-service "ankle biters" to Airbnb and other disrupters. 
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TripAdvisor Is New Powerhouse In Hospitality Industry
The first thing Greg Tinsley does each morning-often before he gets into the office or even gets dressed for work-is look at customer feedback from TripAdvisor. The travel website has seen an explosion of consumer-generated reviews and page views in the last two years.
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Why Sustainability Should Be A Core Subject In Hospitality Management
The CEO of Scandic hotels Ronald Nilsson prognosticated in 1994: "Tomorrow's market is about mutual values. Scandic had been looking inward [as many hotels today do, only focusing on the product and services] instead of outward at the values of the market. The next generations won't tolerate insensitivity with the environment".
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Health System Executives: Wake Up! Your Physicians Aren't Listening To You
Yes, it is hard to hear. You may even disagree. You may believe think that your position, level of authority and professional credibility make things different for you. You may actually believe that those lengthy emails that took hours to author are being read before your physicians reach for the delete button. They aren't.
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Healthcare's Age of Enlightenment: What's Next
Healthcare's Age of Enlightenment will inexorably drive the future of healthcare as models get iterated and the cycle of learning accelerates. As Susannah Fox  stated, "The most exciting innovation of our era is not access to medical information, but access to each other" 
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Social Skills And Leadership In Healthcare: The Case For Boosting Doctors' EQ
How emotionally intelligent is your doctor? Although answers to this question vary, it is not surprising that physicians' social skills or "EQ" are related to their job performance. After all, regardless of doctors' technical competence, their ability to deal with patients and influence their behavior will depend more on their personality and attitude than what they learned in medical school.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Health Care Law Compliance Complex For Employers

Whether to offer insurance isn't the biggest issue for many large employers as they prepare for the health care law's employer mandate. Beginning Jan. 1, companies that employ at least 100 full-timers must provide health insurance or pay a penalty of $2,000 per employee.

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3 Fun But Unorthodox Employee-Motivation Hacks
For me, employee motivation is a puzzle that needs to move beyond well-established silos. Employees and their expectations from an organization have evolved. It's important that your motivational tactics keep pace with their changing needs and requirements.
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Weight Management Programs Suffer From Lack Of Innovation
With more than one-third of U.S. adults being obese, employer-sponsored weight management programs can play an important role in the effort to get Americans to adopt healthier lifestyles.
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