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In addition to an external compensation analysis to market, an analysis should be performed to identify internal pay inequities that could potentially become the focus of an OFCCP audit.  Pay inequities should include women statistically paid less than men and/or minorities statistically paid less than non-minorities. Records should consistently be kept regarding all pay decisions to determine whether there are legitimate business reasons to support the pay patterns that exist in those areas. The results of this analysis will not necessarily be used to adjust individual employee compensation.  Rather, the analysis results should be used to target areas where suspicious statistical pay patterns exist.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Hotels to Fight L.A. Minimum Wage Ordinance
As a press conference Wednesday, hotel industry executives announced they were filing a request for all public records related to the council's consideration of the ordinance. The executives said they hope the records will yield information that can bolster an expected legal challenge to the ordinance. 
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Gaming Revenue Distinguishes Commercial, Indian Casinos
State casino regulators in commercial markets release monthly and annual gaming revenue reports. In many states - including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana - the figures are broken down by individual casinos.  Indian gaming numbers are a tightly held commodity. 
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G6 Hospitality Raises The Bar For Economy Segment
G6 Hospitality will conclude its annual brand convention today at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort in Hawaii by emphasizing three major initiatives that are expected to poise the company to be the uncontested leader in the economy lodging segment.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Hospitals Need to Teach Their Staff Hospitality
I recently came across an article in Crains' about a health care system hiring restaurateur and hospitality maven Danny Meyer to help their staff learn to be more hospitable. I find it ironic that hospitals need to take lessons in "hospitality" when the word hospital itself is the root of the word hospitality. 
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Ebola Case Shows Importance Of Teamwork In Healthcare
If the spread of Ebola to the United States impacts anything (besides highlighting the importance of developing drugs even without a promise of high profit margins), I hope that it will be the recognition of the critical importance of effective interdisciplinary teamwork. 
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200 Hospital Benchmarks
With the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care, physicians and hospital executives have an increased interest in using comparative data as a tool to help improve quality of care. Healthcare is a data rich industry, and healthcare executives can use the comparative information to benchmark themselves against competitors as well as national leaders.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
How Much Should You Invest in Young Talent?
According to a survey by consulting company Accenture, 75 percent of graduates in 2013 said they expected to receive formal training at their post-graduation positions, but only 48 percent of graduates from the two previous years reported being formally trained in their first jobs.
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HR Benefits Education Efforts Fall Short
More than two-thirds of employers only talk to their employees about the benefits available to them during the enrollment period. And that just doesn't get the job done.
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How HR is Coping With Reduced Staffs
HR departments today have an uphill battle just getting replacements for team members who leave, let alone building up their department again. In fact, a Hackett Group study found that despite anticipated growth, companies are expecting to reduce HR staff by 2.7 percent.
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