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Median and mean are useful measures of distribution that identify central values and tendencies of a data set.  In a WageWatch compensation survey, median is the middle wage in a set of ranked market wages which separates the data set in half. When an even number of wages are ranked, with no true middle value, the average of the two middle data points is the median wage. Median is also called the 50th percentile.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
TripAdvisor's Latest Survey Shows Psychology Behind U.S. Travelers
With 45% of both U.S. and foreign travelers feeling that living a full life is the most important goal while traveling, the gaps between both groups weren't too large for other goals as well, based on TripAdvisor's latest TripBarometer survey "The Psychology of Travel."
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Boston Casino Not Yet A Clear Wynn
A gaming insider whose opinion is respected in the industry has a theory that Massachusetts gambling regulators unknowingly handed some momentum to those who want to overturn the state's 2011 casino law.
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4 Ways Hospitality Can Flourish With Mobility
One industry that is truly harnessing the power of mobility is hospitality. Before the age of mobile devices, tired, often impatient travelers waited for hotel staff to manually search for reservations, assign a room and process requests for upgrades and extra services.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Workplace Violence In Health Care
Dr. Melissa Barton has been slapped, kicked and shouted at by patients.  Once, a patient yanked Barton's ponytail. Another time, a woman waiting impatiently for a pregnancy test in the busy emergency department threw a cup of urine at her.
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Why Hospital Leaders Should Embrace One Of The PPACA's Most Promising Provisions
Not that long ago, McAllen, Texas, seemed to be the epitome of a problem that has plagued the U.S. healthcare system for years - healthcare costs were soaring, but people weren't getting any healthier.  Healthcare costs in the mid-sized community of McAllen were some of the highest in the nation. 
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The Medical Marijuana Movement Deconstructed
Unless you have been living under a rock for the past five years, you know that marijuana is making its way into more and more peoples' lives. Many things have been debated, like the efficacy of medical marijuana and what legalizing it will do to not only our economy but also our general outlook on other banned substances.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
80% Of Female Talent Would Rather Be Entrepreneurs
In this annual study by Aspire, based on an online survey of 1,265 women, these startling statistics were found despite more than 70% of women being the primary breadwinner at home (up from 66% in 2012).
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Oversight On FMLA Form Costs Employer $173K
FedEx recently failed to comply with this regulation, and ended up having to shell out $173,000 in back pay and damages to an employee it terminated after she failed to provide a medical certification.
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CA Employers Must Now Include Training against "Abusive Conduct" in Sexual Harassment
Last week, Governor Brown signed legislation that adds a new component to the required AB 1825 sexual harassment training for supervisors.  Starting January 1, 2015, AB 1825 anti-harassment training must also include training on the "prevention of abusive conduct."
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