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You may think you are paying your employees fairly and equitably until the EEOC comes knocking at your door to perform an audit.  It is commonly known that EEOC requires that all employees are treated fairly regardless of national origin, race, religion, color, sex (including pregnancy and sexual orientation), disability or genetic information. And for employers with 20 or more employees, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act requires that you treat workers over 40 the same and younger workers.  To be in complete compliance with EEO regulations, none of these factors can be used when you are hiring, promoting, disciplining and laying off workers. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
MBI Trains Hospitality Employees To ID Potential Human Trafficking Victims

The Orange County Sheriff's Office and the Orlando Police Department trained hospitality employees Tuesday on how to identify potential victims of human trafficking. 

Law enforcement agents met with employees at the Wyndham Resort on International Drive.  Police said hotel employees can play a big role in helping victims 
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Three Insider Tactics to Effectively Hire Hospitality Leadership From Outside the Sector
As an executive search professional who is specialized in the hotel and restaurant sectors, clients often encourage me to recruit leaders from outside their respective segments of the industry.
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Marriott Offers Guest Virtual Reality Experience
In its journey to explore the future of travel, Marriott Hotels is taking an unprecedented leap into virtual reality by teleporting travelers to the beaches of Hawaii and downtown London.  The brand partnered with Academy Award-winning Framestore to create Marriott Hotel's virtual travel experience, giving consumers a fully immersive, 4-D sensory experience based in Oculus Rift technology.  
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Top Stories: Healthcare
3 Reasons Why Healthcare Will Favor Google Over Apple
While it's tempting to say that Apple's enormous consumer brand popularity (and loyalty) will simply transfer to healthcare, I think it's misguided for 3 important reasons.
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5 Health Care Megatrends To Watch For
Recently, Cisco chairman and CEO John Chambers told me that U.S. health care is at a tipping point. A positive one, he hopes, but the truth is no one knows for sure which direction the system will tip.
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6 Average Health IT Salaries Based On Job Function
While the average annual salary for health IT workers is $89,879, job functions play significant roles in how much IT professionals make, according to the 2014 HealthITJobs.com survey.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Rule Changes Increase Flexibility in Pretax Health Care Accounts
AS open enrollment season approaches for those with workplace health benefits, employees may want to take a fresh look at health care flexible spending accounts, if their employers offer them, because the rules for the accounts have changed.
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Hamster Wheel Desks Are The Future Of Work
Like most professionals, I struggle to find time to sneak in a good work out. I'm not a morning person, so runs before work are torture, and I'm honestly too lazy to turn up at yoga after a long day.  Which is why when I found out the benefits of standing up at your desk, I embraced it wholeheartedly and have tried to spend a couple hours a day working while standing.
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Do 17 Minute Breaks Really Work?
How to boost productivity levels is constantly on people's agendas. Whether it's helped by eating chocolate, to sleeping more, researchers from all around the world have been studying various techniques of ensuring people get more done in a shorter amount of time.
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