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An employee's experience during their first few days will affect the rest of their tenure. It is critical to begin with an effective, positive and fun new hire orientation for the future success of your new employees.  Even before an employee's hire date, you can make a positive impact with a call to the employee two or three days before their start date, welcoming them, letting them know what time to arrive and what they can expect during their first day and first week on the job. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Broken Hotel Management Contracts Can and Do End Up In Court
When the world financial crisis hit, many hotel contracts were terminated, often without the manager's prior knowledge or consent, however, now the bill is coming due-and it can run into millions of dollars.
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A New Buzzword for the Global Hotel Groups: 'Collections'
Back in October 2012, I wrote an article titled 'Will The Lodging Industry Follow the Airline Industry' and looking at the last 12 months, it seems that my predictions were correct: So what happened since October 2012?
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4 Tips to Evaluate Hotel Mobile Strategies

Last year, Google Travel found that 25 percent of all online searches for travel came from a mobile device.  People are already choosing to search on their mobile devices over a desktop computer in locations where both devices are likely available to them (work or home).  It's no surprise that 56 percent of American adults are smartphone owners;

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Marriott Puts Tip Envelopes in Rooms as Reminder for Guests
Do you leave a tip in your hotel room for the maid? Marriott is launching a program with Maria Shriver to put envelopes in hotel rooms to encourage tipping.  The campaign, called "The Envelope Please," begins this week. 
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Top Stories: Healthcare
5 Things Preventing Technology Adoption In Health Care

Every year, thought leaders, physicians, academics and entrepreneurs gather at MedX under common desire: to transform American health care through technology. But they also share a common frustration: American health care's slow and unsteady embrace of new technology.

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How Can The Hospital Dominate The Five Healthcare Markets?

As the reformation of healthcare continues unabated, a hospital or health system has only five primary markets.  Of course, there are the submarkets within these markets but it's still only five: Commercial; Exchanges; Medicare; Medicaid; and Uninsured.

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5 Industry Changes That Could Transform Healthcare
Healthcare reform is in full swing. Legislative reforms promise to push healthcare providers toward the type of collaboration and efficiency that will lead to better patient outcomes, and younger physicians are poised to offer more tech-savvy, modern care.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
It Only Takes 4 Hours For A Virus To Spread Through Your Workplace
When a virus makes its way onto a doorknob or a keyboard, it only takes half the working day for it to be found on 40% to 60% of the people inside your office.  It will also be found on 40% to 60% of other objects inside the workplace, such as buttons in the lifts and buttons on the office printer.
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Harkin's ERISA Bill Could Bank Employers Millions
A new Senate bill calling for an amendment to a controversial section of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act is expected to save employers and plan sponsors $15 million over the next decade, according to new estimates.
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5 Things You Need To Know To Manage A Flexible Workforce
Early in my career, one of my direct reports asked me if she could travel to Europe with her boyfriend for a few months. The answer was no. A week, two weeks, and the answer may have been different. But at the time, business communications required a lot of face-to-face work, and a couple of months away would have been hard on the team.
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