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The traditional annual compensation survey, by design, reports last year's data. Compensation professionals know the value of using the most update-to-date market data available to conduct their benchmarking and wage analysis.  WageWatch has responded to this need with salary surveys and benefit surveys that collect and report the most current data - never last year's data. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Hospitality Chains Get Social with Guests
Major hospitality chains are jumping into social media like kids in an over-chlorinated pool, including new initiatives to reward guests for social media activity that helps promote their brands. No surprise, all these hospitality chains are trying to win market share among Millennials, 
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The Rising Tide of Mobile Bookings - How Hoteliers Can Stay Afloat
In the first half of 2014, the massive shift from desktop to mobile and tablet devices continues its rigorous pace and now over 42% of web visitors and nearly 38% of page views were generated from non-desktop devices, while nearly 16% of bookings and 19% of room nights came from tablets and mobile devices.
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14 Ridiculous Hotel Amenities

Private pools, flat-screen TVs, mega liquor bottles. 

Been there, seen it, drunk that.  Hotel amenities these days are as much a ploy to get you to gush about them to your friends back home as they are to make your stay comfortable

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Top Stories: Healthcare
Survey: Healthcare Orgs Taking A Second Look At Historically Generous Employee Health Benefits
As healthcare costs continue to rise, hospitals and other healthcare organizations--which historically provide more generous employee benefits than in other industries--are scrutinizing the health insurance they offer their own employees.
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Health Care Efficiency Can Mean Different Things
Whether you've praised or vilified Obamacare, see it as an amazing achievement or an existential threat, it is the law of the land.  The price transparency created by online exchanges, a vital part of the law, stands to make cost the biggest driver of choice. This, along with cuts in government health spending, will disrupt the economics of health care in dramatic new ways.
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Are U.S. Physicians Overpaid?
It may seem like physician pay is exceptionally high. Internal medicine physicians have a starting median compensation of $190,000, and starting salaries for specialists and anesthesiologist reach close to $300,000, according to the Medical Group Management Association. Some have pointed to physician salaries as a notable driver of healthcare costs in the U.S.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
What the Boss Doesn't Understand About Job Security
A pair of new surveys released Tuesday by the firm - one of 32,000 workers worldwide and another of 1,637 human resources executives - found that employees rate job security as a critical factor when deciding whether to accept a new position or stay with their current employer.
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Benefits 101: Simple Ways To Offer Education Assistance
When Starbucks announced they would be paying for their employers to pursue their college degrees online, the hourly industry sat up and took notice. Most employers offer a variety of benefits for their staff, but few can afford to go as far as funding educations.
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Are Probationary Periods A Thing Of The Past?
Ever wish you could rent employees for a few months, take them for a test drive and then return them - no questions asked - if things don't work out as hoped? That's the strategy behind probationary periods for new hires.
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