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To manage the risk of pay discrimination, organizations should conduct periodic pay equity analysis.  The goal of a pay equity study or analysis is to identify problems and ensure compensation practices are fair and equitable.  The study should look for trends that identify disparate impact on wage rates.  

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Anatomy of a Hotel Data Breach
Why are hotels of such interest to information thieves? Several factors could be to blame. One may be that hotels do such a large amount of business through credit and debit card transactions, and payment card fraud is a favored type of identity theft crime among cyber criminals and those to whom they sell their stolen information.
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Hotels With Few Amenities Lure Investors Seeking Higher Returns
Investors are drawn by the lower operating costs and higher returns at select-service hotels compared with more upscale properties. The segment -- which lacks restaurants and have limited beverage and other service offerings -- includes brands such as La Quinta, Super 8 and Days Inn. 
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The Epic Downfall Of The Casino That Was Supposed To Save Atlantic City
The $2.2 billion dollar Revel Casino was the most ambitious project in the history of Atlantic City. After a nearly 6 year saga of construction halts, union protests, government assistance, and other drama, it opened to great fanfare in May 2012.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
Visionary Healthcare Leaders: Patrick Fry, Sutter Health CEO
One thing practically everyone in America has in common is a deep-seated interest in uncovering how healthcare will change over the next decade. Below are, I believe, many of the answers. I recently interviewed Pat Fry, who is the CEO of Sutter Health, a system with over 24 hospitals, 48,000 employees and $10 billion revenue. I found his vision for the future riveting and yet practical.
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Breaking Down Barriers To Health Care
When Dr. Karen Winkfield leaves Massachusetts General Hospital to discuss health issues at Boston-area churches and clinics, she refers to her message as the "triple A:" awareness, advocacy, and ambassadorship.
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CEO Compensation in Healthcare: 10 Key Thoughts
How much leaders of hospitals and health systems are paid is a nuanced topic. To expand on the issue of CEOs' pay, here are 10 key thoughts.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
HR Take Notice: Study Shows Narcissists Do Best In Job Interviews
A new study from the University of British Columbia shows that narcissists do best in job interviews - and are more successful "than equally qualified candidates who act more modestly."  The study has substantive implications for Human Resources operations and hiring managers, as well as for job candidates.
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Starbucks Points Way to Future With Online College Employee Benefit Program
The Starbucks corporation has announced that it will begin offering discounted tuition benefits to employees working at least 20 hours per week through a partnership with the online degree program at Arizona State University. 
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Could a Great Corporate Culture Be Bad for Employees?
We often assume that if a company is well-known for having a great corporate culture, then anyone who is lucky enough to get hired will thrive and be happy. This is far from the truth. Even the most progressive company who sets the standards for excellence in their human resource practices could fail when the wrong people are brought on board.
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