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A primary goal of any compensation program is to motivate employees to perform at their best. Most organizations have pay for performance at least in the form of a merit pay system. An accurate, reliable and credible performance-appraisal program that is aligned with company goals, core values and industry best practices is the foundation of a successful merit pay program.  
Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Lessons for Hotels from WalMart
Years ago, before my hotelier days, I traveled to Bentonville, Arkansas selling ergonomic furniture, mouse pads and the like. The Walmart offices were huge, even then. Today, Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue ($288 billion) and employees (2.2 million). What's most interesting to me is that hoteliers, have not looked to this retail titan to see what they can glean.
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The Rules of Attraction: How to Secure the Best Revenue Management Candidate During the Talent Drought
The importance of attracting and retaining high quality talent is fundamental to the successful operation of any hotel. The effect of losing a senior member of a property's revenue management team can have a prolonged and significant negative impact on the financial performance of a hotel.
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Casino Operators Avoid Millennial Marketing Trap
The gaming and hotel industry in particular is struggling to decipher the code to unlock the vault holding those precious secrets of "Millennial marketing." Major casino-resort operators and global hotel brands are scrambling to create "inviting experiences" and "experiential spaces" within and around their properties to better address the desires of this "vitally important group."
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Pay Equity Act a Step Toward Gender Equality
Financial security is a luxury many people don't have. Both men and women worry about retirement, but women worry about it more, according to an Insured Retirement Institute survey...
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The Future Of Work: An Interview With Adidas Global SVP of Human Resources, Greg Tate
"The four pillars of our HR plan include enticing people to join and stay with the company, looking at role models who inspire us, capitalizing on the diverse perspectives we have within the company and creating an environment that inspires people.
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Huffington's Move to the Corporate Wellness Space Was Smart: Here's Why
Arianna Huffington wants the world to be well. And to do just that, she's departed from her online media empire Huffington Post to found and run Thrive Global, a corporate wellness venture set to launch in November. 
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