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While at the HR in Hospitality Conference last week in Las Vegas, we attended a panel discussion on HR Tips and Trends.  The panel consisted of senior HR executives from 3 major hotel companies, the founder and managing partner of HCpartners and a professor from Cornell University.   These five respected industry leaders provided innovative ideas and viable solutions for many of the challenges facing today's Human Resource professionals.  Topics included the potential increase of the federal minimum wage, maintaining competitive wages with minimum budgets, performance reviews, engagement and job loyalty.  Below are some of the top tips and trends from this session.

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
 Casino Law Hinges On Massachusetts High Court Case

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is set to hear arguments in a case centered on whether a question should be allowed on the November ballot asking voters if they want the state's 2011 casino law repealed. The court is expected to issue a decision by July.

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 Hotel Chains Doing Away With The Minibar
The hotel minibar has been a staple in hotels for many years now but it seems that hotels and travelers are agreeing that the minibar is not in as high demand as it used to be. According to research from the PKF Hospitality Research, minibar sales have dropped 28 percent between 2007 and 2012, which is leading to big changes in the major hotel chains.
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 How To Be A Local Ambassador FRONT-DESK FOCUS
Gone are the days of the heavily scripted hotel check-in. Many travelers today want to start a new journey once they reach their destination, and genuine, natural engagement with the front desk and concierge are places for guests to become acquainted with a local area.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
 2014 Healthcare Marketing Report
Those of us in healthcare marketing are witnessing a period of change that we believe is unprecedented in US history. These changes are both fundamental and structural. They impact how drugs, devices and diagnostics are developed, how healthcare is delivered, and how it will be priced and paid for.
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 Despite Sluggish Hospital Hiring, Healthcare Reports Job Growth
Healthcare continued to add jobs last month, but the industry's employment growth occurred largely outside of hospitals, which until recently were a steady source of payroll gains. Healthcare added 18,700 jobs in March, an increase of 0.1%, to total 14.7 million though hiring by hospitals was...
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 Hospital Runs Ad for $1,995 Colonoscopies in Sunday Newspaper
A hospital in New Hampshire is garnering some attention after it advertised its colonoscopies for a flat rate in the Sunday newspaper.  Elliot Hospital in Manchester, N.H., is using CareBundles to set all-inclusive fees for colonoscopies, hernia repair ($4,995) and knee arthroscopy ($5,995), according to a New Hampshire Public Radio report. 
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Top Stories: Human Resources
 Seattle Mayor Plans To Raise Minimum Wage To $15 Over Three To Seven Years
Mayor Ed Murray announced a plan on Thursday to raise the minimum wage in Seattle to $15 per hour over three to seven years, making it the first major U.S. city to commit to such a high base level of pay.
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 Shift To Public Exchanges Could Save Employers $3 Trillion
The nation's employers could save a whopping $3.25 trillion over the next decade by shifting most of their employees from workplace health plans to the public exchanges.
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 Give HR Departments More Authority
For all the focus organizations put on change and innovation, human-resource departments are often among their most conservative quarters.  This is evident in the long-standing popularity of "best practices" that help replicate traditional power structures, and of "competency models" that play down the complex and context-dependent nature of managing and leading, and being recognized as doing so.
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 Healthy Minds, Healthy Profits
Each year for the past nine years the American Psychological Association has bestowed four companies with its Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award, a recognition of those organizations that seem to best understand the importance of emotionally healthy employees, and factor it into their business model, both with concrete, measurable programs and a culture of caring that recognizes the value of addressing employee problems
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