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An employee compensation plan should provide a competitive wage and reward employees fairly and equitably for behaviors while accomplishing goals and objectives for the organization.  Compensation is the reward an employee receives in return for his or her contribution to the organization.  Basic components of a compensation package include base salary, incentives, and benefits. 

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Casino Industry Wrestles With Issues Surrounding Medical Marijuana
Medical marijuana has been legal in Nevada since 2000, but it took state lawmakers 14 years to allow dispensaries to operate. Now, with a state law in place calling for up to 66 potential medical marijuana outlets throughout Nevada, the issue is finding its way into gaming headquarters. 
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4 Steps Hospitality Companies Should Take To Establish Their Big Data Strategy
Hospitality Solutions Vice President EMEA, Brannon Winn said the biggest topic that keeps coming up is "big data," and the questions: "what do I have?" and "what's my strategy?"
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Tiered Wi-Fi Emerges As New Industry Model
After seeing complimentary Wi-Fi service become ubiquitous at limited- and select-service hotels, owner-operators of full-service properties are now facing growing pressures from consumers and brands to provide a tiered program that features free, property-wide basic service while charging for premium broadband access. 
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Casino Union Reaches Agreement With Golden Nugget
The Culinary and Bartenders unions announced Wednesday that they'd agreed with the casino on a five-year contract, which is the first the unions have struck with a downtown property since contracts expired citywide in June.
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Top Stories: Healthcare
How a Hospice Model Can Save American Health Care
America is one of the sickest places on earth.  We have the best diabetic care, but the most diabetes.  First-rate cardiac care, but we are obese, hypertensive, inactive, and have high rates of heart disease.  We are the world's standard for cancer technology, innovation and access, but we have high cancer rates even while we waste most of the money from cigarette taxes on road repairs.
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Hospitals Trying their Hand at Insurance Provider Business
As doctors, businesses and individuals around the country are adapting to the sweeping changes enacted under the Affordable Care Act, some hospitals are getting in on the provider game.
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The Goldman Sachs Recruitment Model: What Healthcare Can Learn About Attracting Top Talent
A new study by researchers at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania found that when it comes to attracting top talent, an organization's reputation is more important than salary, flexible hours, and other benefits - at least within the investment banking industry.  
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Five Steps for Managing Cyberthreats in the Health Care Industry
New information technologies and innovative business models are transforming the health care industry in several ways. The industry is beginning to focus on creating seamless interoperability among organizations, greater efficiencies in the delivery of care and increased consumer engagement through access to electronic health records and use of mobile health devices and apps.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
How To Write A Good Job Description
Most job descriptions that are written make companies look like robots.  We need to stop doing this, it's an embarrassment to the HR industry. Not long ago, I was at an invitation-only HR event put together by the fine folks at Pronexia, a headhunting firm in my hometown of Montreal, Canada.
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5 Most Common 401(k) Plan Red Flags
"Identifying the most common problems and challenges facing the almost 600,000 401(k) plans nationwide can empower financial advisors to address the concerns that are keeping their clients up at night," said Eric Ryles, managing director of Judy Diamond Associates.
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How Work-Life Balance Will Benefit Your Company

A raging topic nowadays is the demand for a better work-life balance.  Well, let's not just leave it as a topic for discussion, why not do some actions and implement it?  As matter of fact, an unhealthy work-life balance is not good for any company because of the consequence loss of employee's productivity and loyalty towards the company.

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