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In last week's blog we looked at when 'Independent Contractors' are really 'Employees'.  Now let's look at the rules regarding sub-contractors, temporary staffing and leased employees and what constitutes a joint employer relationship with the contractor or leasing agency and the client business.  

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Top Stories: Lodging & Gaming
Caesars Windsor Casino Shuts Its Doors Amid Labor Dispute
The Caesars Windsor casino shut down Thursday night as a result of a labor disruption between the owner and the union.  The casino announced the closure through social media and an automated message on its media line. The casino said that as a result of the disruption, all gaming ceased at 8 p.m.
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So Long, Cubicle Jungle
As shared previously, integrating the latest technology into guestrooms, lobbies and office workspaces is crucial, but just as important is the trend of adding specific furnishings that match the new way in which we work. 
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HOTELS Interview: Hilton's New Extended-Stay Initiatives
Hilton Worldwide's extended-stay brand Homewood Suites by Hilton showcased its recently launched Gen 9.2 prototype at the Hunter Hotel Conference last week. 
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Personalization and Pricing: How to Drive Profitability in Web-based Booking Engines
The InterContinental Hotel Group recently conducted a global survey of their hotel guests, and came to the following conclusion, as expressed by their CEO: "Hotel brands have traditionally concentrated on being 2D - how to be both global and local. But our research shows that the rise of personalization means brands must be 3D [personalized, local, global] in order to build both trust and lasting relationships with guests and to win in a highly competitive global market,"
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Top Stories: Healthcare
'Hackathons' Aim to Solve Health Care's Ills
At Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a recent event called Hacking Medicine's Grand Hackfest attracted more than 450 people to work for one weekend on possible solutions to problems involving diabetes, rare diseases, global health and information technology used at hospitals.
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Differences Between Banning Bossy And True Leadership In Health Care
There's been a lot of hype about the "Ban Bossy" campaign in the news lately, and the talk is all over the map. I was thinking about it in regards to health care, especially nursing, since nurses are notoriously "bossy," or at least referred to as such.
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A Better Strategy for Dealing with Bad Physicians
As a human resources professional, have you ever felt like there's a cultural gap between your team and the clinicians employed by your organization? Perhaps you've felt you're not the right person to speak directly with a physician known for being nasty or with the too-casual resident who fails to respond to pages?
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Do Checklists Work in Healthcare? Patient Safety, Behaviors and Organizational Culture
The task can seem monumental: Improve patient outcomes. Improve patient safety. Improve the patient experience. Accomplish all of this while reducing costs. Re-design a delivery system that evolved around the traditional practice of medicine, a hospital structure designed decades ago, and payment methodologies built on volume, rather than quality and efficiency.
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Top Stories: Human Resources
Can't Find The Perfect Employee? Maybe You're Being A Bad Interviewer
An interview is not an opportunity for the interviewer to make an exam disguised as behavioral questions. An interview is also not a place for the interviewer to see if they can drop hints and see if the candidate can read their minds on expected answers. It's not the particular questions that are important in an interview; it's how the person thinks and if they know what they are doing. 
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2 Things That Great HR Organizations Have In Common...
Pretty Simple.  They have more people than average to bad HR organizations with the following characteristics
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Study Reveals the Employee Handbook is Becoming Irrelevant
GuideSpark, the leader in employee communications and engagement, released results today, in honor of National Benefits Day, of a 2014 Employee Benefits Communications survey that measured employees' opinions of how benefits are communicated to them by their employers. 
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